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Business Makes Mobility Devices for Disabled Animals

December 06, 2017

Business Makes Mobility Devices for Disabled Animals - Animal Ortho Care

Hi Kitty fanatics. Susan here. I offer some tech-support to Kim from time to time with her site and she’s graciously loaned me a post to share some information I thought might be useful to animal lovers of all kinds.

A couple weeks ago there was a viral video circulating about a dog named Derby and her new 3D-printed prosthetic legs:

One of the people behind this amazing innovation is Derrick Campana, CO and founder of Animal Orthocare, a company based in Chantilly, Va. that makes orthotics and prosthetics for animals with mobility problems.

My sister Jen happens to work with Derrick and I’ve recently been helping with some marketing efforts. I’m not a professional marketer or salesperson by trade (I’m a writer), so I’ll spare you a pitch. I offered to help Derrick out because I believe in the work he’s doing for animals and their families.

Whether your dog has a bad hip or was born with a missing paw, Animal Orthocare offers affordable options for treating your pet — making them comfortable and giving them back their quality of life.

I mention dogs, because they’re the most common clients at Animal Orthocare, but Derrick’s also treated a lamb and a donkey and is now working on a prosthetic for Felix the Ram.

Right now, Animal Orthocare is one of a handful of companies in the world that’s making these devices (prosthetics, stifle braces, carpal/tarsal braces, hock braces, hip braces and elbow braces), and those of us in the York and Adams County area are lucky that it’s right in our backyard (about a two-hour drive down scenic Rt. 15). If you don’t want to make the drive, they can send you a casting kit to get you started from home.

Here’s Molly, who is paralyzed from the waist back, wearing the protective boots she got from Animal Orthocare.

I’ve interviewed several Animal Orthocare clients and all have spoken highly of Derrick and his team and are thrilled with how the devices he’s made have helped their pets and each have said the devices have cost much less than they expected. Animal Orthocare has also reached out to animal rescues to offer discounted devices to pets in need.

Anyway, should you or anyone you know have a pet that might benefit from one of these devices, feel free to spread the word!

Like Animal Orthocare on Facebook to stay up-to-date on more heartwarming pet stories.

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