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Farm Animal Custom Leg Prosthetic

This purchase includes a casting kit.

Prosthetic Order Process


Purchase your Prosthetic Brace. 


We send you a Casting Kit for you to make a mold of your pet's limb.


You ship us the mold. We use it to build a prosthetic for your pet.


We ship you the finished prosthetic. You fit it to your pet. Your pet is on its way to recovery!


AOC's Farm Animal Limb Prosthetic is designed to aid in the relief of the weight bearing leg and suspend off of a residual limb. 

  • Limb replacement used to prevent further deformation and degeneration of existing joints
  • Prevent gait deviations
  • Maintain acts of daily living
  • Decrease leg length discrepancies
  • Increase exercise/activity level
  • Provide means to participate in rehabilitation therapy
  • Can be traumatic or congenital in nature
  • Improve your dog's quality of life
Weight Requirements
Lightweight Medium weight Heavyweight
max weight 1700lbs
* under 8 months of age * donkey * donkey
* goat * goat
* horse * horse
* sheep
* under 8 months of age * cow
* mule
* llama
Limb Requirements
Full Limb
Less than 4" below the ELBOW
Lightweight ONLY
Partial Limb
amputation must be at least 4" below the elbow
Medium weight
amputation must be at least 4" below the elbow
amputation must be at least 7" below the elbow
amputation must be at least 4" below the hock
Medium weight
amputation must be at least 4" below the hock
amputation must be at least 7" below the hock


  • Hand-sculpted using thermal & vacuum formed technology
  • Fitted to your pets very own limb
  • Cushioning non-porous medical grade foam to ease pressure on affected area
  • Adjustable durable hook and loop strap system to tighten and loosen for comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • Removable
  • Six Month Warranty


  • Waterproof
Use & Care


  • The Prosthetic can be worn all day but will require limb and prosthetic inspection at least twice a day.
  • Your pet may need assistance laying down with the prosthetic.
  • The prosthetic should be taken off when your pet is resting.

Break in Period:

  1. Once you receive the Partial Limb Prosthetic try it on your pet and inspect the fit.
  2. Upon first inspection check the height. It should be slightly shorter than the sound leg to prevent dragging.
  3. Check the edges of the prosthesis to ensure that there is no pinching or digging into the body.
  4. Start with a short controlled walk the first day.
  5. Increase the wear time everyday after that for 30-45 minutes a day up to 2 week. During the break in period help your pet master any obstacles they may have in their environment. 
  6. After the 2 week break in period, you can leave the prosthetic on during the day. Remove the prosthetic at night. 
  7. Inspect your pet's skin/hair after each use to ensure there is no irritation or redness and/or hair loss.


Wipe down after each use with an antibacterial wipe or warm soap water. Dirt causes irritation and friction, so the cleaner the better.


  • Outer Shell: polypropylene, polyethylene, co-polymer
  • Inner Liner: closed-cell polyethylene foam

Casting Tips:

When casting for a prosthetic it is important that you capture the distal end of the stump. Keep the cut strip at least 1/2" above the distal end of the stump. This will help capture the distal end in full.

If you have any concerns please send pictures and videos to

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stephanie Rideout
Every step of the process was a pleasure.

AOC answered all of my questions. I feel like they were very attentive to the details that were associated with my mini pig’s limb deformity. Service was fast. I’m very pleased!

Hey Stephanie,
Thank you for the rating and the feedback. We just received your piggie's video of her walking and looks like she is doing great! Let us know how the next week goes with her adjusting to wearing it for a longer period of time!

Best,Animal Ortho Care

Helen Demes
Life changing

The process from order to receiving the final prosthetics was outstanding

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