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Assisi vs EMpower

Assisi Loop

less treatments

more expensive

need to be still


more treatments

more affordable

can be active or still

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Assisi Loop EMpower
Conditions acute, chronic & degenerative acute, chronic & degenerative
# of Treatments 150 treatments 300 to 600 treatments
Product Life Span 3 weeks - 6 months 6 months - 3 years
Available Treatment Time 37.5 hours 1,200 hours
Cost $299 $199
Treatment Time 15 minutes 2 hours
Treatments Per Day 2 to 4 - 15 minutes One - 2 hours
Rechargeable No Yes
Wearable No Yes
Affixed to Treatment Site No, dog needs to stay still so device stays in place. Yes - Velcro Compatible
Prescription Required Yes No
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