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3 Benefits of Custom Dog Knee Braces

September 10, 2019

dog with prosthetic knee brace

Many dogs begin to have trouble walking, either the result of an injury, advanced age, or a chronic, genetic issue. When this begins to show itself in your beloved pet, you want to do something right away to make them feel better. A Custom Dog Knee Brace has many benefits:

1. Your dog can often avoid surgery


An older dog is often not a candidate for surgery, and therefore you must find an alternative form of pain management. Likewise, many pet owners want to avoid surgery because it is expensive and brings the risk of serious complications. With the right knee brace, it is very possible your dog won’t require surgery as his or her knee will either heal or be manageable with the brace supporting it. 

2. Your dog can recover faster after surgery


If your dog does get surgery, the brace is a wonderful way to help them recover faster afterward. This knee brace allows natural healing and scar tissue to fully develop in the knee and significantly reduces the chance of re-injury. 

3. Your dog can live a happy, healthy life


The best reason to get your dog a knee brace is so that he or she can go back to being the fun-loving, energetic pup they used to be. Just like humans, dogs simply are not themselves when they’re in pain. A knee brace helps them to feel better, both right away and in the long-run. 

Not just any dog knee brace will bring you these benefits. You need the best, and that means you need Animal Ortho Care! Our reputable medical products for pets provide comfort like no other. You have the choice between a knee brace that is ready to ship and can be at your home as soon as tomorrow or a custom-fitted knee brace that will perfectly support your dog, either way, your furry friend is on the road to feeling a lot better!

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