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EMbrace L'il Back System (EMpower + L'il Back Bracer)


The EMbrace L'il Back System is a revolutionary therapy, featuring the EMpower device, paired with the L'il Back Bracer. This system is the world's first wearable pain management therapy for dogs.

The EMbrace L'il Back System's signature EM technology is more commonly known as Electromagnetic Field or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. EM helps to reduce pain and increase circulation, thereby easing muscle spasms and pain associated with IVDD.

The L'il Back Bracer features a patented design to help keep your dog’s back supported when dealing with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) and other causes back pain.

Now there is a solution to treat the excruciating pain associated with IVDD, and your l'il one no longer has to rely solely on pain pills and invasive surgery.



  • Helps to relieve tension with muscle spasms & pain associated with IVDD
  • Can be used for post-operative and post-injury recovery
  • Easy on/off switch, 2 hour therapy that automatically powers off
  • Rechargeable device powered by a durable lithium battery
  • The EMpower unit Velcros onto any area of the L'il Back Bracer
  • Therapy on the go--your pup can move around with the system on
  • EM Technology-- Human Tested. Dog Approved.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic construction to alleviate pressure on spine
  • Dog brace designed to stabilize the back from above & below
  • Recommended for both treatment and prevention
  • Snug, adjustable fit provides gentle, constant pressure for calming effect on nervous system
  • Incorporated D-ring to attach a leash
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Medical grade, moisture-wicking, Breathe-O-Prene® fabric
  • No need to remove dog brace for dogs to “do their business”

Our dog brace is designed for ease of use. Straps for girth and width are adjustable, just like a human back brace.

  1. Slip the body portion over the dog's head.
  2. Put one front paw through the loop, then the other.
  3. Place the dog brace over the rear legs next.
  4. Adjust the velcro on the brace at the chest using the front straps. It should be snug for support.
  5. Adjust velcro at the rear, pulling up or by criss crossing straps.

Remember, make the dog brace snug but not too snug - just like a human brace!




To clean the brace just hand wash and lay flat to dry. For removing hair, we have found that a rubber pet hair remover brush works best.

FAQs - L'il Back System


How does the L'il Back Bracer provide support?

The L’il Back Bracer is an orthopedic support garment for dogs suffering with IVDD or other back injuries.  The brace is made of a very high quality breathable and antimicrobial neoprene that is very comfortable for your dog.  There are stays that line the back and abdomen to provide the needed support and stabilization of the spine.

How often should my dog wear the brace?

It depends on you and your dog.  Some pet parents will put the back brace on all day while some just use our back brace for walks or times of high activity and play.  The back brace is flexible, so it allows the muscles to engage and ‘work’, it is not like a stiff cast.  This is important so that the muscles do not become weak from wearing the brace.

*Please note that our dog back brace is not meant to replace the crate rest period that is prescribed by your Veterinarian. 

Can my dog “do their business” while wearing this back brace?

Yes, our back brace fits in a way that leaves that area of your dog free to take care of business without the brace blocking that part of their body.

Does my dog need to have a separate harness for walks?

The L’il Back Bracer has an attached “D” ring so when taking walks the brace acts as a harness.  Just attach the leash to the ring and enjoy a safe supported walk.

How do I care for the brace?

To clean the brace just hand wash and lay flat to dry.  For removing hair, we have found that a rubber pet hair remover brush works best.

Can my dog jump with the brace on?

The L'il Back Bracer stabilizes the spinal column (from about where a collar would sit) and its snug fit provides overall comfort. While all dogs and all cases can vary, the L'il Back Bracer has successfully helped in many cases with increased mobility and relief. The feedback we have received on dogs regaining their mobility or at least increasing it has been tremendous.

As far as "jumping", it depends on whether your l'il one will continue to jump with the brace on. Our L'il Back Bracer's design is flexible, not like a stiff cast, so they are able to move as they normally would - just with a l'il support. Some dogs keep real still with the brace on and do not jump or run due to the calming effect the snug fit has on the nervous system, while some dogs resume their normal activity while wearing it.

Will my dog get muscle atrophy from the L'il Back Bracer?

No. Our back brace is lightweight. Helps give support down the spine.

What if my dog doesn’t like it?

It is common for dogs not to like a brace.  A natural thing for them is to sit still. Or perhaps even whimper with it because they aren’t sure what to do with the brace on. To help with this, we recommend a break-in period of 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off. Give your dog a treat and praise him/her for wearing the brace. This will hopefully allow your l'il one to associate the brace being a good thing.  Increase the amount of time each day. 

Can the brace be worn in the water?

Yes.  The material is a breathable, neoprene material.  Recommended washing instructions is: hand wash and then air dry.


FAQs - EM Technology



The EMbrace L'il Back System works at the cellular level by gently pulsing an electromagnetic field into your l'il one's back.

The energy generated from the EM improves intracellular function which also increases the production of nitric oxide - a healing molecule common in all living things.

Nitric Oxide helps to increase blood flow to your l'il ones back, further reducing pain and edema associated with IVDD.



Our technology should not be mistaken with a TENS unit. Unlike TENS, our EM technology is subsensory, meaning your pup will not feel a thing.

The only thing your l'il one will feel is relief!



We recommend to consult with your veterinarian to determine the best treatment plan for your l'il one. For optimal results, we recommend completing one two-hour treatment everyday for two weeks.



Some pups will see results right away, others may take up to 2 weeks. You should see improvements in mood, increased levels of activity, changes in behavior and perhaps even tail wagging.



NASA has been using EM technology to aid astronauts in supporting bone health and prevent degeneration, following time spent in space.

The EMbrace technology is a lighter frequency optimized for pain management and increased circulation in soft tissue. This technology has been proven in the human medical space with clinical trials focused on osteoarthritis, post-surgical and post-injury recovery. These trials have shown improvements in scar tissue healing, mobility, pain levels, and edema.


NOTE: Base of neck to tail measurement is critical for best fit. Your dog must fit BOTH back and chest measurements.
If they are outside the measurement guidelines the brace will not fit.
Our Haute L'il Back Bracer may be a better alternative for your pet.


Back Measurement = 11" - 13" inches
Chest Measurement = 13" - 15" inches


Back Measurement = 13" - 15.5" inches
Chest Measurement = 14" - 17" inches


Back Measurement = 15.5" - 17.5" inches
Chest Measurement = 18" - 21" inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jess Lambiase
Life changing!

This brace has exponentially improved my senior dog’s comfort and mobility. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Hey Jess,
Thank you for the feedback your dog's status! So happy to hear that he/she is improving and doing well with the brace. Thank you for your support!

Best, Animal Ortho Care

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