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Connect with a Vet


We are proud to partner with VetTriage to provide our patients with more support in making decisions regarding the care of their pets. You can now get a second opinion regarding bracing and prosthetics for your pet! The goal of VetTriage is to provide pet owners peace of mind in the event they feel their pet is experiencing a medical emergency and help answer questions regarding the care of their pet. 

Why VetTriage?

experienced veterinarians only

All veterinarians at VetTriage have at least 10 years of experience so no matter who you talk to via VetTriage, you know you're talking to someone who knows their stuff. 

any and all species

Have an exotic pet? No worries! VetTriage will see any species and you'll receive the same level of care that your average dog parent would. 

an unbiased opinion

Our partnership with VetTriage is unpaid, meaning they aren't going to push our products to make money. The only thing that matters to both ourselves and VetTriage is your pet!

24/7/365 care

No need to worry about calling a veterinarian at night, on the weekend, or on a holiday! VetTriage will answer your call and assist you at any time.

no time limit for calls

Rest assured that you can spend as much time as you would like with a VetTriage veterinarian. You can ask as many questions about as many pets as you would like!

VetTriage is the #1 provider of veterinary telehealth services. VetTriage gives you instant video televet sessions with a licensed and experienced veterinarian to advise you and your pet on the next step in a time of need! Pet emergencies and questions do not always occur during the normal business hours of your family veterinarian; this is where VetTriage is here to help! They are here for pet owners of any species to save money, reduce stress, and provide advice when facing a potential health issue.

Connect to a licensed veterinarian 24/7/365 from your computer or mobile device. Their online vets will virtually assess your pet and give you advice and peace of mind. You can call for any reason regarding the care of your pet, be it an after-hours emergency or just wanting to discuss the diagnosis your regular vet gave you, and their licensed veterinarians will answer any questions you may have and provide advice for how to care for your pet. 

Vet Triage works independent of Animal Ortho Care. VetTriage's doctors will provide unbiased, helpful recommendations based on years of practice and your pet's specific medical history.

Benefits of VetTriage:

  • Top Veterinary Care - VetTriage is the #1 provider of veterinary telehealth services, rest assured your pet is being seen by some of the best.
  • 24/7/365 Service - You'll never have to worry about not making it to an appointment after work or finding a vet that's open in the middle of the night. VetTriage is always there when you need it.
  • Remote Access - All you need to connect with a vet via VetTriage is a mobile device or computer and internet connection! You can contact them from wherever you are when your pet needs it.
  • Virtual Assessment - The online veterinarians will assess your pet through the information you provide and a visual assessment from the video-call. 
  • Any Condition - VetTriage has a wide variety of veterinarians with years of experience. No matter what condition your pet has, VetTriage can see them!

What is VetTriage?

How does it work?


Using VetTriage to talk to a veterinarian is easy as 1-2-3!




From your browser or mobile device, click "Connect with a vet today!" located at the bottom of this page. Complete the registration information or if you are a returning client, login using your email address. After clicking “Continue” you will be directed to a secure client payment portal.




After entering our secure payment portal, click "Purchase Session". You’ll then see payment options including credit or debit cards, and PayPal. Select your payment method and complete the transaction. All sessions are $50 regardless of duration, number or species of pet(s), or reason for calling.



After completing payment, click the "Request Session" button to connect directly with a licensed veterinarian. The doctor will assess your pet’s condition. If there is a medical emergency, they will work to connect you with the closest veterinary ER or on-call veterinarian.


Chief Medical Officer & VETERINARY SURGEON



Shadi J. Ireifej DVM DACVS received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the State University of New York at Binghamton (2001, Magna cum laude). He then received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Cornell University (2006, DVM). After intense internships in animal medicine and surgery, Dr. Ireifej achieved his board certification in small animal surgery by completing a three-year small animal surgery residency at LIVS (2012), and subsequently became a Diplomat for the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (DACVS).

Dr. Ireifej later became a staff surgeon at Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center (LVVSC). In 2017, he began providing surgical assistance to a number of emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals across the United States. This was followed by the Chief of Surgery position at the United Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Animal Clinic in Silicon Valley, California. In 2018, Dr. Ireifej joined as the Chief of Speciality at TrueCare for Pets in Los Angeles, California, where his role and experience was instrumental in morphing the after-hours and weekend emergency hospital to a successful 24/7 emergency, multi-specialty veterinary hospital. Dr. Ireifej instituted hospital-wide protocols, managed the three departments (surgery, internal medicine, and oncology), and became a leading force on social media platforms, all while the size of the hospital tripled.

In 2020, Dr. Ireifej changed gears to focus on finding a novel and state-of-the-art means of reaching and assisting concerned pet owners and their ill or injured pets worldwide: VetTriage. Dr. Ireifej now serves as the Chief Medical Officer for VetTriage. Dr. Shadi personally selects all of VetTriage's doctors to ensure they are licensed, experienced, and compassionate about animal health.

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