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Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone - E-Collar | Dog Cone | Recovery Cone

Pet Cone Dimensions

Neck Circumference
Cone Height
17.7" - 21.0"
15.8" - 17.7"
14.0" - 15.8"
Extra Small
12.1" - 14.0"
Extra Extra Small
10.3" - 12.1"
XXX Small
8.7" - 10.3"
  • The most important measurement for your Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone is the width of your pet's neck. The cone should fit comfortably without restricting your pet's ability to breathe or swallow.
  • A properly fitted Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone will be snug while allowing sufficient space for you to slide two fingers between your pet's neck and the cone.

The pet cone, Elizabethan collar, dog cone, e-collar or more infamously known as "the cone of shame", we've all suffered with ill-fitting uncomfortable cones.

The Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone, is unlike any other e-collar. Hand made in the USA with a soft, sunflower yellow vinyl binding, these cones are comfortable and stylish for your pet. The AOC e-collars are lined with a velvet lining, ensuring the ultimate level of comfort especially when worn for extended periods. 

Whether your dog is recovering from surgery or needing some wound protection from excessive licking, our cones are the best option. What you won't get with this e-collar is one that flops over your pet's face or one that scratches your shins anytime your pet comes over for some lovin'. 

Our 6 sizes are highly adjustable and fit both cats and dogs! Whether you're prepping for an upcoming surgery, helping your pet recover from an injury, or just planning ahead for the unexpected, you'll be able to use this Pet Cone again and again!



  • Vinyl wrapped edges with sunflower yellow binding.
  • Soft microfiber lining protects your pet's skin and fur from rubbing and irritation while wearing the cone.
  • The microfiber lining is water resistant, meaning no fluids or messes will penetrate deep into the material, making cleaning easy.
  • Durable hook and loop material to ensure the cone stays on your pet securely.
  • The rigid and resilient semi-translucent plastic,  stands up to mud, liquid, and determined scratching.
  • Reusable and easy to store so you'll be ready for future accidents, surgeries, and other unexpected emergencies.
  • Made in Minnesota, USA
Care & Use


  1. Wipe down the Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone plastic with a damp cloth.
  2. If necessary, the microfiber lining of the Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone can be soaked in warm water to loosen heavy soiling. Spot clean soiled areas with an isopropyl alcohol dampened cloth.
  3. Do not use a hair dryer or other heat source to dry damp Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone.

Warnings & Precautions

  1. Supervise your pet during initial use of the Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone to ensure that they do not become stuck when learning to navigate while wearing the cone.
  2. Do not allow your pet to chew on or swallow the Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone.
  3. Do not allow your pet to enter bodies of water while wearing the Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone.


How long can my pet wear this Pet Cone?

Once your pet has adjusted to wearing the cone, you should be able to leave the cone on for the entirety of your pet's active period. It is recommended that you remove the Pet Cone when your pet goes to sleep at night. However, you should consult your veterinarian to determine if your pet needs to wear the cone for a different period of time.

I measured my pet's neck before I ordered the cone, but the cone I got seems too long. What happened?

Some pets and breeds have particularly thick necks relative to the length of their snouts (rottweilers, bulldogs, Persian cats, etc.). Such pets may find it difficult to eat or drink while wearing a Pet Cone that is properly sized for their neck. Observe your pet while using the Pet Cone and if they have difficulty eating or drinking, remove the Pet Cone at regular intervals to allow them free access to food and water.

How To Measure

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brittany Havranek
Great cone for dogs!

This cone is perfect for all dogs! It fits perfectly and is adjustable for all sizes!

Hi Brittany,

We are happy to hear our pet cone is fitting well and your dog is enjoying it. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Please let us know if you have any questions, happy to help!

Animal Ortho Care

Maria Guevara Parafox

Animal Ortho Care Pet Cone - E-Collar | Dog Cone | Recovery Cone

Hey Maria,
Glad you were pleased with our pet cone collar! We hope it provided the assistance to what you needed it for!


Bob Cook
Best cone ever!

Mr. Sox says "This is the best cone ever! Can I wear it forever?"

Hey Bob,
Mr. Sox! He sure looks good in gold :)

Fits great and cat can see!

My cat, Spade, has chronic over-grooming issues which cause him to scratch at his ears until wounds appear. Obviously, this isn't good for him and I hated the flimsy E-Collar the vet gave me since my cat couldn't see where he was going and was constantly bumping into and getting stuck on things. This pet cone stays up on him so he's able to see and protects his face from himself, plus it's way easier to put on than his old E-Collar. LOVE the color on him too!