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Performance Dog Knee Brace | CCL-ACL Stifle | Dog Rear Leg Brace

Performance Dog Knee Braces - Order Process


Measure your dog's leg using the measurement guide below.





Enter your measurements and purchase your Performance Dog Knee Brace.


We ship your dog brace based on the size selected. You fit it to your dog's leg, and they are on the way to recovery!



Our Performance Dog Knee Brace provides support and stability for your dog's knee following an injury or surgery.

The combination of adjustable straps, secure tensioning D-rings, high-quality motion hinges, and triple-layered cushioning foam provides strong support with a light load on the limb.

Common Conditions That Benefit from a Performance Knee Brace

  • For Partial Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) tear, the Performance Dog Knee brace is an adequate option. However for maximum support, we recommend a Custom Dog Knee brace for any CCL tear since the custom brace is built specifically for supporting the tibia. The Performance Dog Knee brace may not have full contact with the tibia depending on your dog's specific measurements due to the standard sizing options for this brace. 

  • CCL or Collateral Ligament sprains

  • Post-Surgical and/or post injury recovery

  • Wound management

  • Ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue injuries and fractures

When a Performance Dog knee brace is not recommended

The Performance Dog Knee brace is a standard size brace that does not fit all dog breeds and sizes. Sizing is based on measurements of your dog's leg. Please take careful measurements of your dog's leg and compare them to our sizing chart. All measurements MUST fall into the same sizing category for a proper fitting brace. If your dog's leg measurements do not fall within the same sizing category and/or suffers from Luxating Patella, we recommend a Custom Dog Knee Brace for the best treatment.

  • The Performance Dog Knee Brace is NOT recommended for a Luxating Patella. The Custom Dog Knee brace is built based on your dog's condition in order to stabilize the Patella, which the Performance Dog Knee brace is not able to accommodate. 
  • Due to the limited standard sizing options, The Performance Dog Knee Brace is NOT recommended for the following breed types: 
    • Small Breeds (i.e. Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians, etc.)
    • Giant Breeds (i.e. Bernese Mountain dogs, Great Danes, Newfoundlands, etc.)
    • Breeds without a prominent hock (i.e. some Bulldogs, some Pitbulls, some Chow Chows, etc.)


A dog knee brace is commonly referred to as a stifle or ccl/acl brace.

Benefits of our Performance dog knee brace

  • Stabilizes and protects the knee following CCL surgery
  • Allows for small ligament tears to heal without invasive procedures
  • Improves weight distribution on injured joints
  • Provides active support during rehabilitation following injury or surgery
  • Can be used as an alternative to CCL surgery, allowing your dog's knee to heal on its own
  • Decreases overall recovery time and cost
  • Allows your dog to return to improved activity level and near-normal joint function
  • Allows for easier wound inspection
  • Help to reduce pain associated with injury or chronic pain
  • Can be used to prevent injuries by relieving stress on the weight bearing uninjured leg. Typically after an injury, your dog will place more weight on the sound leg putting it more at risk for injury.


Detail shot of a cushioning foam strap


Our brace is made with medical grade closed-cell foam, providing comfort and additional support. The padded foam cushion under each hook and loop tape strap helps prevent irritation and create better grip for the brace. If needed, the straps can be cut down for an even more accurate fit.

Adjustable alloy range of motion hinge

Alloy Range of Motion Hinge

The Performance Dog Knee Brace hinge can be calibrated to allow a full, limited, or locked range of motion depending on your dog's needs. Adjustable screws within the range of motion hinge allow you to ensure a precise fit to the length of your dog's leg.

Moldable thermoplastic shell

Moldable Thermoplastic Shell

The shell of our Performance Dog Knee Brace is a durable thermoplastic material that allows you to get an even more customized fit for your dog's leg. You can heat the upper and lower shells with a hair dryer until they soften slightly, then adjust them for a superior fit.


  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Water-resistant
  • 6-Month Warranty for manufacturing defects

How to Measure Your Dog's Leg

First, find the knee center

To start measuring your dog's leg you will need to find the knee center. First, bend your dog's knee. You will feel two bumps at the front of the knee, one at the top and one at the bottom. The middle of these two bumps is the knee center.


Side-view illustration of dog with left legs labled
Side-view illustration of dog with right legs illustrated
Illustration of middle point of thigh, where measurement for thigh circumference is taken

Thigh Circumference

Measure the circumference midway between the knee center and the bend of the groin.

Illustration of space between knee center to area just above hock (raised part of ankle) used to measure tibia length

Tibia Length

Measure from the knee center to right above the hock (the raised area on the back of your dog's ankle).

Illustration of the space between knee center and bend of groin that serves as thigh length measurement

Thigh Length

Measure the distance from the knee center to the bend of the groin.

Care & Use


  • Some assembly required to achieve the best fit your dog
  • A Phillips head screwdriver required to adjust hinge screws. For further details, see the "Fitting Instructions" tab.
  • Scissors are required to cut the padded straps


  • Wipe down surface with isopropyl alcohol


  • It is required that you follow the break-in period protocol for your dog. This helps to prevent irritation and allows your dog to become comfortable when wearing their brace. Failure to follow the break-in period could result in further injury to your dog. 
  • Your dog may wear their brace whenever they are active, both indoors and outdoors. Performance dog knee braces are water-resistant and can be used for hydrotherapy but must be allowed to dry fully, not in direct sunlight.
  • Remove your dog's brace when they are not active for extended periods of time. This allows their leg to relax, prevents irritation, and allows their skin breathe.
  • Once your dog has successfully completed the break-in period without irritation occurring, they may wear their knee brace for up to 14 hours a day. Wearing the brace for longer than 14 hours could result in irritation and/or injury. 


Similarly to breaking in a new pair of shoes, the Performance Dog Knee Brace should initially be worn in short increments as your dog builds up a tolerance to the device. For best results, place the brace on your pet for only half an hour the first day. You can typically increase this time by a further half hour each subsequent day. You can facilitate this process by positively reinforcing and rewarding your dog for wearing the brace. Please keep in mind that the break-in period and time of each increment will depend on your pet's diagnosis and overall acceptance of the brace.

If there is any irritation or skin breakdown, discontinue use of the brace for one full day. If irritation continues, contact us at

Skin & Brace Examination

It is crucial that you thoroughly inspect your pet's skin after each use of the Performance Dog Knee Brace. This is especially important during the initial break-in period. While it is not uncommon to see minor problems for the first few weeks of brace usage, make note of any blisters or other unusual marks on the skin. In particular, skin redness that does not disappear within an hour after the brace is removed and other signs of skin breakdown are indications of excessive pressure from the brace.

You should also carefully examine the brace itself after each use. Identify any cracks, tears, or areas of unusual wear. If either the upper or lower shell is damage, or the hinge sustains damage or stops functioning, please contact to discuss ordering replacements. Consult our warranty terms for other details on the service process.

Hygiene & Cleaning

Both the Performance Dog Knee Brace and areas of skin that come into contact with it must be kept clean. This reduces the chance of your dog contracting contact dermatitis or other skin conditions. Regularly clean the brace with a mixture of half water, half isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning, dry with a towel or let the brace dry at room temperature. Do not speed the drying process through use of applied heat, such as from a hair dryer. Never put a wet brace onto your pet, as it will affect the fit. A properly-fitted brace can be worn in water, but should be thoroughly dried after use before re-application.



What conditions can this Performance Dog Knee Brace be used for?

This innovative brace provides prophylactic and rehabilitative support for injuries to the stifle/knee joint and ligament. It is indicated for use as an alternative to CCL surgery or when the patient is not a surgical candidate. The brace may also be used as a sophisticated and accessible wound management device post-surgery.

What is the difference between the Performance Dog Knee Brace and the Custom Dog Knee Brace?

The Performance Dog Knee Brace is a standard size, off-the-shelf brace that offers a customizable solution to injury stabilization following injuries or surgery to the stifle/knee, specifically those involving the Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL). It has a 6 to 18-month treatment time. Sizing is based on the measurements of your dog, and sizes are listed on the product page. You may need to make adjustments to the brace to ensure a proper fit for your individual dog.

Our Custom Dog Knee Braces are built specifically for your dog. We use a combination of measurements taken of your dog and a physical cast in order to create an exact model of your dogs leg. We then create a fully custom brace from this model.

If my dog wears a knee brace will it cause further injury?

When worn properly, no. It should actually promote faster recovery. Our Performance Dog Knee Brace is designed to stabilize and support the Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL), further building scar tissue that helps heal the tear.

What is unique about the hinge/hub components?

Our patent-pending design provides Range of Motion (ROM) control, Axial Rotation of the Extensions, and Valgus/Varus deviation. This combination capably accommodates a range of anatomical variations and makes the Performance Dog Knee Brace extremely customizable.

Should I leave the brace on my dog all day?

We do not recommend letting your dog wear the brace all day. You may leave the brace on your dog for up to 14 hours a day. However, be sure to remove the brace when your dog is resting, this will prevent irritation and allow their leg to air out. Check for any signs of irritation and/or swelling after removing the brace.

Please remove the brace before your dog goes to bed at night.

What if my dog doesn’t like the brace?

It is not uncommon for dog's to not love wearing their brace at first. You can help your dog to acclimate to their new brace by using treats and praise. It is required to follow the break-in period of 30 minutes the first day and gradually increase their wear-time by 30 minutes each following day. This builds up your dogs tolerance to the brace and prevents irritation and/or swelling. 

I am not sure if I am measuring correctly for a Performance Dog Knee Brace. Can you help me?

Please contact us at 651-440-9321 or so we can walk you through the process.

Why does it tell me my dog's measurements are 'out of range' and tells me to order a Custom Brace?

The Performance Dog knee brace has limited sizing options. Unfortunately, it sounds like your dog does not fall into any of our current sizing options for this brace. We encourage you to consider our Custom Dog Knee brace, since custom braces are made specifically to your dog's measurements.

I am having problems getting my dog's knee brace to fit. What do I do?

Please email us at In your email, please describe the issue(s) you are having and include 2-3 photos of the brace fitted to your dog to the best of your ability. This will allow us to see what you are seeing, how the brace currently fits on your dog, and how your dog's leg is built. That information gives us the best chance of helping you find the perfect fit!

Can the brace be worn in water?

Yes, the brace can be worn in water since it is water-resistant. However, we recommend you remove the brace once your dog leaves the water. You must allow the brace dry fully before you reapply it to your dog. Do not place the brace in direct sunlight to dry as this can cause it to lose its shape.

Fitting Instructions


Illustration of a screwdriver and pair of screwheads

Adjust screws on hinges

The hinges on either side of the Performance Dog Knee Brace must be adjusted to fit your dog. See below for details.

Illustration of dog's rear right leg with hock and knee center identified

Align with knee center

The center of the brace is where the circular range of motion hinge is located. Align the center of the brace with your dog's knee center. Ensure that the bottom of the brace is above the dog's ankle. Also, ensure that the top of the brace does not go into the dog's groin area.

Illustration of padded strap with line indicating where scissors will trim it so the padding and strap won't overlap

Trim Padded Straps

If necessary, you can trim the padded straps that lay under the hook and loop tape. Ensure that the end of the padded strap meets - but does not overlap - the edge of the brace when fully tightened. After trimming the padded strap, cover the edges with the provided edge tape.


Three-part image displaying screwdriver and hinge with screws unadjusted, screws adjusted to shorten the brace, and screws adjusted to lengthen the brace

You can easily adjust the hinge length with a Phillips head screwdriver. This ensures the brace accurately fits your dog to provide the most support during their recovery. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 432 reviews
Laura St John

We ordered this brace for our 2 and a half year old pup, Piper, who was believed by the vets to have a torn CCL. We never got to use the brace as it turned out Piper had advanced into end stage renal failure (she had kidney disease since she was a puppy) and her condition deteriorated to the point that we had to make the difficult decision to put her to sleep.
While we did not get to use the brace, I wanted to leave a review about the exceptional customer service we received from Sarah and Victoria at AOC. When we initially ordered the brace, we requested standard shipping. We then changed our minds and wanted overnight shipping. I emailed AOC to request faster shipping and Sarah contacted me by phone to confirm the request and put it through asap. We ordered the brace on 11/1 and received it on 11/2, which Victoria emailed directly to confirm. Sadly, we lost Piper on 11/3. I reached back out to AOC to request a return, to which Sarah replied and gave her condolences. We returned the brace and received a refund. The brace itself seemed to be very sturdy and well made. Should we need a product like this in the future, I would order from AOC.

Hi Laura,
We are so sorry to hear about sweet Piper. Losing a pet is never easy and we certainly know the pain it causes. Our hearts extend to you and we hope with time your grief turns into happy memories. Please let us know if you ever have questions down the road, always happy to assist.

Animal Ortho Care

Steven Brooks

Never got it to fit right and it rub my dogs skin raw

Hey Steven,
Looks like a customer care representative has reached out to you regarding fitment. We are sorry to hear that the brace is rubbing on your dog's leg. If open to working on fitment and proper alignment of the brace, please respond to their email.

Animal Ortho Care

Jane Todd

For what limited time we were able to use it, it seemed to work well. Unfortunately she developed a seroma that was exacerbated by the brace

Hi Jane,
We are so sorry to hear about the seroma on your sweet dog. We are happy to hear however that was beneficial for a small amount of time for you. We wish you all the best for you and your dog. Please do let us know if you ever have questions down the line. Thank you for taking the time to write us a review.

Animal Ortho Care

Steven Tuttle
Knee Brace seemed to do the trick

Our vet thought our dog Beau has either torn or seriously strained his ACL in his rear right leg. Rather than opt for very expensive surgery I found your website and after talking with your customer service rep, decided the adjustable Performance Dog Knee Brace might help him not stress his leg much and get if a chance to heal if in fact it was not a full tear. It took multiple days to get it adjusted properly and to custom cut the pads, but Beau took to it without much trouble at all. BTW the extra hock pad/strap was key to keeping the brace positioned higher on his leg as needed. Had him continue to use it on all our walks for about two months. Based on his ability to rough-house play with our other dog, we stopped using the brace. Glad we got it, seemed to give him the time he needed to heal, and while not cheap, it was way cheaper than the surgery option, which seemed not to have been needed.

Hi Steven,
We are so happy to hear the Performance brace was a great option for you and it helped your sweet dog with his mobility. Please do let us know if you have questions down the line, always happy to help. Thank you for taking the time to write us a review.

Animal Ortho Care

nathalie Bernal
I dislike it

I got this for my dog cause she has a 50% tear. I was so excited cause this product has a lot do great reviews. Sadly, I dislike this brace. It slips all the time and isn’t helping at all. Even with the extra part that’s supposed to help with the slipping, it still slips. I’m pretty mad cause I spent so much money on this to help my dogs heal from her ACL injury.

This might work for your dog, but didn’t for mine.

Hi Nathalie,
We are so sorry to hear you are having issues with the brace. I do see a Customer Care rep has reached out to you personally already to assist you. This brace is a standard size brace so it does not fit all dogs. The dog must be within certain measurement ranges for a size to work. If the dog isn’t within range or if it’s not adjusted properly the brace will slip down. We are happy to help you with the fit if you are open to that. Please reply back to Customer Care if you are open for our assistance. Appreciate you taking the time to write us a review and we hope to help you fit this brace better on your dog.

Animal Ortho Care