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Compare Animal Orthocare Braces to the Competition

The decision as to which dog brace to purchase for your pet is a big one. This doesn’t just mean the option between a custom dog brace and a ready-to-fit option that could be on your doorstep tomorrow. You also need to decide which company to purchase from. At Animal Orthocare, our goal is to provide the highest quality orthotics, prosthetics, and pain management devices to assist your pet in regaining a better quality of life.

There are many reasons to choose Animal Orthocare for your needs. Since the founding of the company, we have helped over 20,000 animals and we’re not done yet. We are passionate about developing medical products that help animals lead better lives. It is our mission to revolutionize rehabilitation and pain management in the animal world! Not everyone can say this. To some companies, this is just another product and just another way to make money. We don’t feel that way at all; we really care about your dog’s health and happiness. This is shown through everything we do, from the fact that we custom make your brace so it fits perfectly and offers long-term support to the fact that we ship it out to you as soon as possible.

We are the only animal bracing and supports company in the country who offer custom and semi-customizable animal braces. Each animal is unique and that's why we invest in the time to create customizable products to best fit the needs of your pet. That’s not the only thing that makes us different. We stand by our products, which is why all of our devices are backed by a six month to a year long warranty to ensure the best quality.

We understand how important your pets are to you. They are important to us too! That is why we know that when you do your research, you will conclude that Animal Orthocare is the right company to go through for your dog’s needs.

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