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Inspiring Great Dane Runs Again

Rescuers and AOC Team Help Return Footless Dog to Health

ARDEN HILLS, MN [December 18, 2019] —  Last year, during the holiday season, police officers were called to a South Carolina residence and discovered a neglected six-year-old Great Dane tied to a pole in his owners’ backyard. Without access to food or water, the dog was emaciated and unable to walk. He had chewed off his own foot, presumably to free himself from a cable runner that was tightly bound around his leg. Animal Control officers transferred the dog to Noah’s Arks Rescue, where, upon examination, the medical staff feared he would not survive more than a few nights.

The dog, who was renamed Luke, survived those initial nights, but caregivers quickly determined that his infected leg would need to be amputated if he was going to have a real chance at life. After a successful surgery, Noah’s Arks Rescue contacted Animal Ortho Care (AOC) about the possibility of fitting Luke with a custom prosthetic.

Several prosthetic bracing options were considered for Luke, but the AOC team settled on a spring foot design. The team traveled to South Carolina to fit Luke with his new prosthetic.  This design fit Luke well, gave him stability, and eased the pressure off of his existing limbs.

“I knew it would take some time for Luke to feel comfortable wearing the prosthetic, so we introduced it to him slowly and worked up to longer wear times,” says the team fabricator Derrick Campana. “We were amazed to see Luke take his first steps with the prosthetic and then to eventually run—it was inspiring!”

AOC currently offers dog prosthetics for partial and full limb, with prices ranging from $995 to $1750. The company also specializes in dog knee braces and pet pain relief products.

“We strive to develop and provide solutions that improve the quality of life for animals. We consider it a privilege to have a platform that brings awareness to the ethical treatment of animals,” said AOC’s CEO, Fariborz Boor Boor.

“We were amazed to see Luke take his first steps with the prosthetic and then to eventually run—it was inspiring!”

Derrick Campana
Animal Ortho Care

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Noah’s Arks Rescue

Noah’s Arks Rescue, provides emergency medical and surgical care to dogs that are injured and abused.
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