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Batel is from Egypt and he is 2 years old. He is need of a front leg partial prosthetic.

The shelter he came from thinks his leg was cut off. When he arrived to Miracle's Mission, he was in a really bad state. His leg had been left untreated so it needed treatment. After an x-ray was done it was it was discovered that both of his hips were dislocated and his remaining two front toes were also chopped off. Despite the atrocity that Batel endured, he is still very much playful and trusting of humans. He absolutely loves to play with other dogs and he adores his new found toys. He will play for hours rolling around and chewing his teddy bears. Everything is a toy to him as he has never had them before so the brush, cardboard, bed, absolutely everything he thinks is a toy for him to play with. He gets tired very quickly from walking so he can only manage a few steps at a time, but we know that when he gets his prosthetic, he will be rearing to go. He is very outgoing and will want to explore everywhere.

Help Batel run and play freely again! 

All proceeds will be donated directly to Batel’s prosthetic at Miracle’s Mission. Your donation will go towards casting materials, vet visits, fabricating the prosthetic, and any other medical attention that Batel may need, like surgery for his dislocated hips.


Sandy is from Egypt and is around two years old. She is need of bilateral partial prosthetics.

We were told that Sandy was run over by a train, losing part of both of her back paws. She can walk but she is in pain when she does. She is not able to walk standing up straight, and due to that her back is being damaged. Sandy is very quiet and calm, she likes to sit by her caretaker's side and just watch the world go by. She is taking a while to come out of her shell but she is so lovely, sweet and friendly. She loves her new found comfort of bedding and blankets and she is desperate for cuddles and affection all the time. She loves lying on her care taker's knee and doesn't leave her side. When she goes to the park rather than try to walk she much prefers to lie on a blanket and just watches everything that's happening and then she likes to fall asleep in the sun. She is a gentle girl.

Help Sandy walk again! 

All proceeds will be donated directly to Sandy’s prosthetics at Miracle’s Mission. They will go towards casting materials, vet visits, fabricating the prosthetics, and any other medical attention that Sandy may need.


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