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Purchase Custom Braces for Pitbulls

Pit Bulls get a bad rap, but you know how truly sweet they can be. That is why it is so sad when your Pit Bull begins to feel aches and pains, and it seems like you can’t do anything to help. What is going on? Like other large breeds, pitbulls are prone to knee and joint injuries. This may occur while they are very young because of a genetic condition or their large bodies may break down as they age. Whatever the reason for their ongoing pain, you do not let to let them suffer anymore. A dog knee brace, or a dog leg brace for any other part of their leg that is hurting, is the answer you are looking for!

The best place to get a dog knee injury brace is the same place you probably already order everything from a new leash to even dog food- a website! By shopping online, you can get exactly what your pitbull needs to feel better, without overpaying or driving all over town. It’s perfect!

For something this serious, you need a company you can trust. Animal Ortho Care has been creating custom braces for dogs just like yours, and your pitbull could be the next happy customer. Our website makes it easy to order a dog CCL brace, Pawprint custom stifle (knee) brace, carpal (wrist) brace, tarsal (ankle) brace, achilles brace, hip brace, and any other specialized pain management brace. In fact, we are the only animal bracing and supports company in the country to offer custom, semi-custom, and customizable dog braces.

We have made a name for ourselves in this industry by changing the course of animal rehabilitation by applying medical technologies already proven on human patients to animal patients, like your dog. Our main objective is to serve veterinarians and pet owners by providing life-enhancing solutions and therapies that restore health in animals. At Animal Ortho Care, our goal is to provide the highest quality orthotics, prosthetics, and pain management devices to assist your pitbull in regaining his or her quality of life. Our headquarters are based in Minnesota, but we can ship to California, Florida, Oregon, and anywhere else in the United States. Order your custom casting kit today to begin!

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