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Thermoformable Definition and Description

By definition; “adjective, having the ability to be shaped using heat and pressure.”  The proprietary thermoplastic material used in our braces and splinting material is designed to be heated at low temperatures and formed into the desired conforming shape. After forming, the material cools quickly into a rigid polymer similar in stiffness to ABS or polypropylene.

Low-Temperature Thermoformable Braces and Splint Technology

The advantage is heating at low temperatures with our Slim Line Heater (SLH).  Reheating is easily accomplished with the SLH or with a common device such as a hair dryer, allowing fine-tuning and customized into final shapes. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)

PEMF therapy is FDA cleared to reduce swelling and joint pain. The technology stems from radio frequency (RF) diathermy, which utilized a continuous electromagnetic field to produce heat in soft tissue.  It has been firmly established that tissues including blood, muscle, ligaments, bone and cartilage respond to biophysical input, including electrical and electromagnetic fields.  PEMF works at the cellular level and has been shown to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a process fundamental to healing in living tissue.  PEMF works at the source of injury, helping to accelerate the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and recovery responses.

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