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Bilateral Custom Dog Knee Braces | CCL/ACL Stifle Rear Leg Dog Braces

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Custom Dog Knee Brace - Order Process


Purchase your Custom Dog Knee Braces. 



You will receive an email with a form that requires measurements of your dog's legs.  



We send you a Casting Kit for you to make a mold of your dog's legs.


You send us the measurements and the molds. We need BOTH to build bilateral custom knee braces for your dog.



We ship you the finished custom braces. You fit them to your dog and they are on the way to recovery!

How to Cast










Our braces are made with a Tamarack hinge, which allows for full range of motion while preventing abnormal motion. The Tamarack hinge provides smooth articulation and unmatched durability. We offer a lifetime warranty on our Tamarack hinges.


Our shell is constructed from durable polypropylene. The cast you send us forms the blueprint for the shell, so it is imperative you cast your dog's leg correctly. When cast correctly, the resulting custom braces fit the contours of your dog's legs precisely.

paw segment

Dog knee braces are made without a paw segment. If the dog's paw is affected by the condition you are seeking a brace for, we recommend purchasing our Custom Knee & Hock brace instead. If you are unsure if a paw segment is needed, please contact your veterinarian before ordering.

A dog knee brace is commonly referred to as a stifle or ccl/acl brace.


  • CCL tears 
    • Partial tears, which require an average of 6 months to stabilize and may take up to a year to form mature scar tissue to better stabilize the knee.
    • Full tears, which take longer on average to heal than partial tears due to the severity of the injury. These injuries may begin to stabilize within a year and may form mature scar tissue to stabilize the knee within 2 years. Please note that a full tear may not heal with conservative treatment depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Post-operative care following a ligament repair or other surgeries
  • Conditions for which surgery is not available or recommended for your dog
  • If you prefer a non-invasive option for your dog's recovery
  • As a complimentary treatment option for physical therapy methods, including hydrotherapy and acupuncture
  • Contralateral (opposite limb) management during post-operative care, preventing your dog from damaging their healthy leg while the other leg recovers
  • Chronic pain from osteoarthritis
  • Distal femoral or proximal tibia/fibula fractures, as an alternative to splinting
  • Patellar Luxation, by limiting the sideways movement of the leg and helping to keep the patella in place
  • Sprains and Strains

Benefits of Bilateral Custom Dog Knee Braces

  • Reduces the risk of a CCL injury on the "good" leg by encouraging proper weight bearing
  • Provides an option for dogs who are non-surgical candidates due to age, cost, other contraindications
  • Provides support to the affected area
  • Stabilizes the joint
  • Decreases the time and expense of injury/post-surgical recovery
  • Helps improve your dog's activity level by providing a return to near-normal joint function
  • Allows for easier wound/surgical site inspection
  • Reduces pressure on the contralateral (opposite) limb, preventing further injury

when bilateral custom dog knee braces may not be suitable

  • Due to the way we design our brace, a minimum thigh length of 2 inches (measured from the top of the knee to the groin fold) is required for our brace design. This allows us to create a thigh shell that is physically tall enough and there is enough groin clearance.
  • Due to the standard hinge sizes and limited hinge modifications that are currently available, some breeds may have difficulties with the strength of the hinge. Breeds that are less than 15 pounds may have a difficult time bending their knee with the hinges we use, even after modification of the brace and hinge.
  • Due to the natural anatomy of some breeds, the Custom Dog Knee Brace may not be able to stay on your dog's leg. Breeds who do not have a prominent hock, such as some Bulldogs, may have difficulties with brace suspension, meaning the brace may slide down the dog's leg with use. The hock is a key point that is used in order to keep your dog's knee brace on their leg.

If uncertain about whether your dog would be a candidate due to any of the above criteria, please contact Customer Care at for assistance.



  • Custom-fitted to your dog's limb
  • Non-porous medical grade foam cushions and eases pressure on the affected area
  • Durable hook and loop strap system allows easy adjustments for fit and comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • Removable
  • Two-month warranty for brace alterations and modifications
  • One-year warranty for manufacturing defects
  • Lifetime warranty on Tamarack Hinges
  • Free replacement straps during the first 90 days





90 day guarantee on all straps


  • Hand-crafted using vacuum forming and thermal technology
  • Waterproof
  • Tamarack hinges allow motion that mimics normal ligament mobility


Care & Use


  • Use light soapy water or antibacterial wipes to clean the plastic shell and non-porous liner of the braces.
  • Hand-wash pads as needed and let them air dry.
  • Remove any hair or dirt from the hook and loop straps with a wire brush, gently brushing in one direction on the hook side only.


  • It is required that you follow the break-in period protocol for your dog. This helps to prevent irritation and allows your dog to become comfortable when wearing their braces. Failure to follow the break-in period could result in further injury to your dog. 
  • Your dog may wear their braces whenever they are active, both indoors and outdoors. Bilateral Custom dog knee braces are waterproof and therefore can be used in the water, such as for hydrotherapy sessions.
  • Remove your dog's braces when they are not active for extended periods of time. This allows their legs to relax, prevents irritation, and allows their skin breathe.
  • Once your dog has successfully completed the break-in period without irritation occurring, they may wear their knee braces for up to 14 hours a day. Wearing the braces for longer than 14 hours could result in irritation and/or injury.

Break-In Period

Similarly to breaking in a new pair of shoes, the Bilateral Custom Dog Knee Braces should initially be worn in short increments as your dog builds up a tolerance to the devices. For best results, place the braces on your pet for only half an hour the first day. You can typically increase this time by a further half hour each subsequent day. You can facilitate this process by positively reinforcing and rewarding your dog for wearing the braces. Please keep in mind that the break-in period and time of each increment will depend on your pet's diagnosis and overall acceptance of the braces.

We recommend that you alternate braces during the break-in period. This means that your dog may adjust best when you start with 30 minutes on one leg then 30 minutes on the opposite leg. Follow this until your dog is comfortable with both braces. If your dog is not adjusting well with this protocol, please contact us at to discuss other break-in period options. 

If there is any irritation or skin breakdown, discontinue use of the braces for one full day. If irritation continues, contact us at

Skin & Brace Examination

It is crucial that you thoroughly inspect your pet's skin after each use of the Bilateral Custom Dog Knee Braces. This is especially important during the initial break-in period. While it is not uncommon to see minor problems for the first few weeks of brace usage, make note of any blisters or other unusual marks on the skin. Skin redness that does not disappear within an hour after the brace is removed and other signs of skin breakdown are indications of excessive pressure from the braces. The brace can easily be modified to relieve these areas of irritation.

You should also carefully examine the braces itself after each use. Identify any cracks, tears, or areas of unusual wear. Padding and the hook and loop straps can be replaced by contacting Animal Ortho Care. Consult our warranty terms for other details on the service process.

Hygiene & Cleaning

Both the Bilateral Custom Dog Knee Braces and areas of skin that come into contact with it must be kept clean. This reduces the chance of your dog contracting contact dermatitis or other skin conditions. Regularly clean the braces with a mixture of half water, half isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning, dry with a towel or let the brace dry at room temperature. Do not speed the drying process through use of applied heat, such as from a hair dryer. Never put a wet brace onto your pet, as it will affect the fit. A properly-fitted brace can be worn in water, but should be thoroughly dried after use before re-application.


  • Outer Shell: polypropylene, polyethylene, co-polymer
  • Inner Liner: closed-cell polyethylene foam


How does this Custom Dog Knee Brace help my dog?

AOC's Custom Dog Knee brace assists your dog with healing after an injury or surgery. Additionally, our custom braces help alleviate the symptoms of chronic conditions like arthritis. A pair of Custom Braces also adds support to your dog's weight-bearing leg while their other leg heals, helping to avoid damaging the uninjured leg during recovery.

What is the difference between the Performance Dog Knee Brace and the Custom Dog Knee Brace?

Our Custom Dog Knee Braces are built specifically for your dog. We use a combination of measurements taken of your dog and a physical cast in order to create an exact model of your dogs leg. We then create a fully custom brace from this model.

The Performance Dog Knee Brace is a standard size, off-the-shelf brace that offers a customizable solution to injury stabilization following injuries or surgery to the stifle/knee, specifically those involving the Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL). It has a 6 to 18-month treatment time. Sizing is based on the measurements of your dog, and sizes are listed on the product page. You may need to make adjustments to the brace to ensure a proper fit for your individual dog.

What is included with the purchase of a Custom Dog Knee Brace?

Purchases of our Custom Dog Knee Braces include a free casting kit, which you will use before we begin fabricating the brace itself. Once you have cast your dog's leg - or legs if you are ordering a pair of Custom Braces - you will mail us the casts. At that point we craft your brace order based on the cast of your dog's leg, and then send the Custom Braces back to you.

What happens if the brace does not fit correctly?

Please contact us and we will work with you to find the fit! The hook and loop straps give you some freedom to adjust the brace yourself. Depending on the issues with the fit, we may instruct you to ship it back to us for more extensive modification.

Please note it is imperative that you take an accurate cast of your dog's leg in order for the brace to have the best possible fit. Please refer to our casting directions and be sure that you are familiar with them before attempting a casting.

What if my dog's knee brace needs refurbishment?

Refurbishing your dog's brace is easy. Strap replacements are free within the first 90 days of your purchase if you order and replace them yourself. We offer various methods for refurbishing your brace depending on what needs to be done. You can order new Straps (1 inch or 1.5 inch) and Pads to replace on your own. If you don't want to replace the straps yourself or need a liner replacement, you can use our Custom Brace Refurbish Service and we will refurbish the brace based on what you order.

Is this brace waterproof?

Yes. All of our Custom Dog Braces are made with polypropylene plastic and a non-porous, medical grade foam liner . Both materials can be wiped down to clean. Straps and strap pads will need to be air dried, not laundered.

Please note that you should remove a wet brace from your dog's leg to let it dry, and not speed the drying process with use of heat sources.

How often can my dog wear this brace?

There is a two-week break-in period where you will gradually increase the time your dog wears their Custom Dog Knee Brace by 30 minute increments. Once this period is complete, you may leave the brace on your dog for up to 14 hours a day. However, be sure to remove the brace when your dog is resting, this will prevent irritation and allow their leg to air out. Check for any signs of irritation and/or swelling after removing the brace.

Please remove the brace before your dog goes to bed at night.

Can my dog use stairs while wearing this brace?

Yes! However, give your dog a few days of using the brace before they attempt stairs. If they seem to be adjusting well to the brace and moving comfortably, you should be able to introduce stairs. Be sure to supervise their first few attempts.

How long is the fabrication process?

Once we receive BOTH the measurements and cast of your dog's leg, it takes 3-5 business days to fabricate the brace. Rush Fabrication is available for $150.00 per brace which reduces the fabrication time to 2 business days.

How long will shipping take?

We offer free 5-7 business day ground shipping in the US for both the casting kit and custom brace, as well as 2 Business Day or Overnight shipping options for an additional charge. If you select an expedited shipping option, we will ship the casting kit to you based on that option.

You are responsible for covering the shipping cost of the cast, back to the fabrication lab. Once we receive the cast of your dog's leg and fabricate the Custom Brace, we will ship that using the same option you selected at checkout.

Is the casting process difficult?

The difficulty of casting will depend on your dog; more anxious or badly injured dogs may find the process more distressing. It is recommended that you perform the process with at least 3-4 people depending on your dog's energy level.

Detailed instructions on how to cast are included in the casting kit. We can walk you or your veterinarian through the casting process, so please contact us with questions or concerns before you begin casting your dog's leg. We also offer FREE on-site casting at our Arden Hills, Minnesota location.

Is the fitting process difficult?

Our Custom Dog Braces are designed for easy on and off application with adjustable hook and loop tape straps. If you have any fitting concerns please send pictures with the custom brace on your dog to

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