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Casting Kit Accessories


Casting Kits are used to create casts for Custom Braces and Custom Prosthetics. 

The materials required to make a cast of your pet's limb will depend on the limb being casted and your pet's weight. To ensure that you order the correct materials for your pet, please contact us at or (651) 440-9321.

Each Kit Will typically Include:

  • A stockinette
  • A cut strip
  • Casting tape
  • Gloves
  • A Klever Kutter - Cutting Tool


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
vanessa Register

The casting kit had everything we needed. And they responded immediately to help me. Great product, great customer service.

Hi Vanessa! We are so happy to hear you not only liked the product, but also the service! We truly pride ourselves in both! We hope your dog in enjoying their custom brace and hope for improvement each week! Please let us know if you ever have questions, happy to assist!


Diane Norwood-Steven
Leg brace for torn CCL

Our 4-legged toddler, 8 yr old George, Corgi mix, dashed into bushes in our backyard, came out few seconds holding up his R hind leg. After 2 days, took him to an ER Speciality Animal Hospital; Vet diagnosed torn CCL in R hind leg. They encouraged surgery; however, Grandson's dog had same injury, told us about "Animal Ortho Care" where they ordered a brace for their dog. The process of ordering the brace, beginning W/casting kit, was a quick & simple process. George is walking on his R hind leg, doing better than expected.

Before surgery is even discussed, talk to the awesome staff of Animal Ortho Care; you'll be glad you did, we are.

Hi Diane,
This was so great to read, thank you so much for sharing. We always love to hear how the brace is helping the dog, so appreciate you circling back to us. We are happy too that the process was smooth for you from start to finish. We hope for continued improvement with each week. Let us know if you have any questions along the way.

Animal Ortho Care

Raul nava
Fantastic Company

Our dog got one for his right leg back in 2019. Our dog got to go out into the hills another 4 years. He's now 10 and unfortunately his left knee is not good. So, we ordered a brace now for that leg and after one week he's walking well with both on. We are glad we decided to not do surgery.
"Customer Service" was great! FedEx lost our cast that we sent back and of course they weren't refunding the shipping so animal Ortho worked with us. We paid the extra for 2 day fabrication and we had the brace in 2 days once they received it. Highly worth the $150 if you have it on hand.

Hi Raul! Thank you so much for sharing your dog's story! It makes our hearts so happy to hear our braces were able to give your dog the ability to stay adventurous despite his injuries! We are also so glad to hear you had such a positive experience working with us, we pride ourselves both in our quality products and quality service. If you ever have any questions please let us know, always happy to help!


Shannon Fannin
Really helps our 3 legged Dutch Shepherd

We are very happy with our custom made brace for our 3 legged, 6yo rescue Dutch Shepherd. It did take us 2x to get the casting right as our dog got REALLY cranky sitting still for so long. Thankfully, we got it right the 2nd time. Shipping was quick, and the brace is fabulous. It really helps our girl stay mobile. Highly recommend.

Hi Shannon! We are so so happy to hear you are loving the brace and was pleased with the process. We love knowing our products are helping your pets live their best lives! Please let us know if you ever have any questions, always happy to help!


Diana Huey

Casting Kit Accessories

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