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DERMagic - Diatomaceous Earth Shampoo Bar and Sprinkler


Diatomaceous Earth can be used for a variety of reasons in a wide variety of areas within your home for your pet. The DERMagic Diatomaceous Earth Dust and Shampoo Bar can be used as a natural flea and tick repellant while also supporting healthy skin for your pet. This Diatomaceous Earth, which contains silica-rich diatoms (microscopic fossils), is food-grade meaning it is 100% safe for you and your pet. Use the dust in areas around your home where your pet spends their time to remove infestations or apply it directly to your pet's skin to help rid them of fleas and ticks. Use the Diatomaceous Earth Shampoo Bar to help get rid of any infestations on your pet's skin and leave them with a fresh, clean coat!


  • Dandruff
  • Oily skin
  • Pet Acne
  • Flea & Tick prevention
  • Flea & Tick removal
  • Dirt build-up
  • General skin and coat care


  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Relieves itching
  • Leaves your pet’s skin and coat fresh
  • Natural exfoliation
  • Natural Flea & Tick treatment
  • Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth
  • Can be used throughout the home

For use on...







  • USDA Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth



  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Organic Castor Oil
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Organic Rice Bran Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Proprietary Essential Oil Blend
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Organic Aloe Vera
How to Use


In a bath, shower, or outdoor space, wet your pet from head to toe ensuring to avoid the eyes and mouth.  Lather the soap in your hand and massage the shampoo into your pet's coat and skin, be sure to avoid the face as this can cause irritation and discomfort. Rinse immediately and thoroughly with clean water. Do not let the shampoo sit on the skin for an extended period of time. 

Dust the BEDDING:

Use the Diatomaceous Earth Dust on your pet's bedding and other areas where they like to spend their time. This helps reduce pests that may live in these areas.

Simply sprinkle a enough dust on the area to lightly coat. Let the dust settle and sit on the area for 72 hours, then shake or vacuum the area to remove excess dust. Repeat once every 3 weeks until pests are completely removed from the area. 


Apply the Diatomaceous Earth Dust directly on your pet's coat to dehydrate external parasites that may be irritating your pet.

Simply sprinkle a small amount of the dust on your pet's coat, being careful to avoid the face area. Let the dust sit as long as possible. Note that it may take 72 hours to be effective. Repeat once a month. 

After use:

Try the Grooming Spritz to maintain a fresh, smooth coat between baths!

Don't bathe your pet too often! For healthy pets, we recommend bathing a maximum of twice a month, or whenever they get dirty, whichever is longest between baths.

Note: Always consult with your veterinarian before beginning any skin treatments to ensure that any underlying causes for skin issues have been ruled out.



Never use anything on your pet that is made for people! The difference is people have a different pH for their skin and hair. People are more acidic (pH 1-7) and dogs have a more alkaline skin and coat (pH 7-14). DERMagic liquid and bar shampoos and conditioners are carefully pH-balanced for pets and will not dry or irritate their skin.


Diatomaceous Earth, also known as Diatomite, is made up of microscopic, ancient diatoms. Diatoms are once-celled algae organisms that are high in silica. Up to 90% of these diatoms are made of silicon dioxide, with 10% various minerals. DERMagic only uses USDA food-grade Diatomaceous Earth to ensure that it is safe for your pet, non food-grade Diatomaceous Earth can irritate the lungs, leading to further issues.

How does diatomaceous earth help my pet?

Diatomaceous Earth can be used to kill small insects and pests on your pet's skin and around their bedding areas. The high silica content of the Diatomaceous Earth works to breakdown the exoskeleton of the pests, causing them to dehydrate. This helps to kill pests and prevent further spread of infestations. 

My dog itches and scratches constantly. Can DERMagic help?

Yes, DERMagic products are designed to reduce irritation and itching. Many DERMagic products are specifically designed to reduce dandruff and eliminate excess oils which may cause irritation to your pet. By using various essential oils and other soothing ingredients, DERMagic products can help to reduce itchy skin for many pets.

Can DERMagic products help with allergies?

An allergy is a reaction to a specific allergen, such as dirt and pollen. Our products cannot cure an allergy, however the secondary response is itching and scratching, which opens the skin and leads to infection, hot spots, sores, hair loss and potentially mange. We recommend you start off with the DERMagic System to eliminate the itching/scratching cycle before it leads to bigger problems.

How do I know how much product to apply to my pet?

The amount of product that you will need to use for your pet will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your pet, the hair type of your pet, the specific condition they have, and the severity of their condition. As a simple rule of thumb, start with less product and add more until the entire affected area is covered with a thin layer. 

When will I see results?

It depends. Some pets may begin to show improvement after a few uses of the DERMagic products, while others may take several months. It all depends on your pet's specific conditon, severity of the condition, and your pet's unique physiology and skin composition. Patience and a regular treatment schedule are key for ensuring that these products can do their job for your pet.

My pet's skin is red and irritated, are they having a bad reaction to the product?

Red, slightly inflammed skin is common within the first few treatments. This occurs from the products working on the cellular level to purge the dead skin and any infections. The body is working with the ingredients in the products to remove the harmful materials, which may appear as red or inflammed skin, flakiness, and even a brownish-tinge to an area. This should clear up with a few more treatments. If the discoloration, inflammation, and flakiness do not improve or your pet seems particularly irritated with the area, consult your veterinarian to ensure they are not having an adverse reaction to the products.

My pet is having an adverse reaction to the product, what should I do?

While uncommon, it is possible for your pet to have an adverse reaction to the products. If this occurrs, immediately discontinue use and contact your veterinarian. You may wash your pet with clean water to remove any product that may be on their skin and coat to stop the reaction from progressing.

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