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10 Amazing Animal Rescues

May 08, 2018

10 Amazing Animal Rescues - Animal Ortho Care

We’re consistently amazed by the lengths individuals and organizations will go to to help animals.

A new Animal Planet show, “Dodo Heroes,” will focus on some of these stories when it debuts later this year (including a story about Animal Ortho Care).

Today, we thought it’d be fun to roundup some amazing, nail-biting animal rescues from around the world. Whether it’s saving a drowning wallaby in Australia or pulling a leopard out of a well- it warms our heart to know that there are people everywhere who are willing to go the extra mile to help our fellow critters in need.

Check out these heroic deeds:


  1. Wallaby Rescued in Sydney Harbour: When a wallaby was found struggling to stay afloat in Sydney, Australia’s famous harbor, ferry workers stepped in to help.

  2. Horses rescued from wildfires: When wildfires tore through Southern California last year destroying more than 150 structures and 4,100 acres of land, horses at the San Luis Rey Training Center needed to be evacuated, and fast. Here’s heart-pounding footage of workers saving horses from barns.


    Sea turtle saved from fishing line: When a man fishing off the coast of Florida found a giant sea turtle struggling at the end of his line, a good Samaritan dove in the ocean and got to work setting the turtle free.

  4. Dog pulled out of thin ice: When dog running off leash fell through thin ice one frigid day in Canada, a firefighter risked his own life to pull him out of the water. Can’t get enough daring ice rescues? Check out this one from the U.K of another dog being pulled out of the ice, and here, firefighters save a stranded deer.

  5. Leopard gets help climbing out of well: Sometimes the best way to save a stranded animal is to help them, help themselves. Here, a leopard trapped in a well is given a ladder to get himself out. Then again, it’s not always possible for an animal to pull themselves up. In this video, a lamb that’s fallen down a well gets a helping hand from one brave animal lover.

  6. Chameleon saved from building: Sometimes even the littlest creatures need help. In this clip, a pet chameleon escaped from his cage and scaled a tall building. So, naturally, some good-hearted folks rappelled down the building to nab him from his perch.

  7. Moose stuck in mud: When a group of New Englanders out four wheeling on an ATV trail discovered a moose stuck up to its neck in mud, they call in the local game wardens for help. Using some careful planning and brute strength, the team was able to pry the exhausted cow from her boggy trap.

  8. Battling bucks get caught in barbed wire: Farmers found a pair of bucks whose antlers were tangled in the barbed wire fencing that surrounded their property. Armed with patience, guts and a pair of clippers- they eventually free the struggling deer.

  9. Dog freed from gate: When a stray dog is found stuck between the bars of a metal gate, a team of rescuers cut the fence, mend her wounds and offer her a forever home. All in a good day’s work.

  10. Terrified humans rescue animals that freak them out: Finally, we loved this roundup of clips from our friends at The Dodo of people who might not consider themselves to be heroes helping out critters they might not otherwise have considered saving (like a possum in the closet a snake in the toilet and a giant, fuzzy spider in the bedroom).

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