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Animal Ortho Care: The New Face of the Dodo

August 29, 2017

Derrick Campana: The New Face of the Dodo - Animal Ortho Care

We are super thrilled that Animal Ortho Care was selected to be “The Face” of The Dodo, the popular website devoted to sharing compelling video stories featuring animals (your know the ones- they make you giggle or leave you grabbing for a box of tissue).

We recently caught up with Matt Pickar, Executive Producer of Originals at The Dodo, to learn more about The Dodo and why they’re excited to work with Animal Ortho Care. Here’s what Pickar shared:

What is the mission behind The Dodo brand?



The Dodo's mission is to create visually compelling, entertaining, highly shareable animal videos and stories for everyone who loves animals. From people who are obsessed with their pets all the way to committed animal advocates, we want our audience to connect with animals through our stories, and feel empowered to help where help is needed.

How did the Dodo learn about Animal Ortho Care's work?



I'm going to answer this question with a story: I joined The Dodo earlier this summer as the Executive Producer of Original Content. Over my first few days I spoke with multiple people on the staff about the people and stories that they found compelling and inspirational. We discussed numerous individuals and organizations that are making a difference for animals all around the world, and the name that kept popping up was "Derrick Campana" the founder of Animal Ortho Care. Not only was I hearing all about this guy from Virginia who makes prosthetics, but he kept making guest appearances in other stories as well. 

What excited you about the work Animal Ortho Care is doing for animals? Why do you think his work might inspire your audience?



What particularly excites me about Animal Ortho Care's work is that it's so unique and makes such a positive and immediate impact in the lives of both their animal patients, and their people. I also am impressed with their dedication to helping as many types of animals as he can, and giving many of them second chances to live their happiest lives. Their passion for animals is evident, and the animals' stories are engaging and emotional. I think that's why our audience is so inspired their work, they is literally helping animals get back on their feet, and that concept is a universal one. Who doesn't love a great comeback?!

How does Animal Ortho Care represent the values and the mission behind The Dodo?



Animal Ortho Care is a great partner for us because they are in many ways the living embodiment of our mission. Their work is visually compelling, inspiring and emotional, and they are a compelling company that truly cares for animals. This combination is a successful formula in creating highly entertaining and shareable content in which their animal patients are put front and center. This allows for our audience to connect with them and their stories, and empower them to make a difference for animals in their own lives.

What do you have planned with Animal Ortho Care?


One moment that really struck me when I first started talking with Animal Ortho Care was their insistence that if we were to form a partnership, the focus needed to be on the animals. At The Dodo, we put animals front and center, and Animal Ortho Care is a great partner in helping to spread this message in an entertaining and meaningful way. Right now we are in development on some projects that we are very excited about - but unfortunately cannot reveal too much at this point!

Have there been any past individuals or brands that have represented The Dodo in this way? If so, who were they?



Animal Ortho Care is the first organization that we signed to a development agreement. Along with Group Nine Studios, we are so eager introduce Animal Ortho Care to an even larger audience and are excited for what's on the horizon.

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