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EMbed Relief System for senior Dogs

October 03, 2019

EMbed Relief System for senior Dogs

No one wants their dog to suffer. Yet, senior dogs often struggle with chronic pain. Just like for humans, long-term prescription pain relief comes with a whole host of potential side effects. You want something better for your furry friend. It is time you look into ordering the EMbed Relief System from Animal Ortho Care!

The EMbed Relief System’s signature technology is EM, also known as electromagnetic field therapy. This may sound scary, but it simply means that the blanket sends gentle pulses into your pet’s soft tissue to help stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation at the cellular level. This is the same type of technology that NASA uses to aid astronauts in maintaining healthy bones after returning from space. At Animal Ortho Care, our EM technology kickstarts the production of Nitric Oxide in the soft tissue which promotes pain relief and reduces swelling. Nitric Oxide helps to increase blood flow to where your pup is hurting, further reducing pain and edema in the treatment area. What this means for your dog is that they will have the pain relief they need, and you can feel good knowing they’re now pain-free in a safe, inexpensive, and healthy way.

We’ve thought of everything to make this blanket as effective and convenient as possible! The EMpower device is rechargeable; you simply plug the charger in to charge the device. The EMpower device can then be attached to the blanket. Once charging is complete the red light will turn off and your pet can begin using it and feeling pain relief. Simply press the “on” button to start the therapy.

The EMbed Relief System should be used for two hours at a time, while your dog is napping or resting comfortably. The device automatically shuts off after the treatment is done. Imagine, the pain your dog has been feeling for so long being relieved in just a few hours. Your pup deserves this kind of relief!

Too many times, surgery is not an option for senior dogs and pet parents are left without any good pain management solutions. The EMbed blanket is a wonderful at-home therapy treatment. It is offered in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large, so there is sure to be one that works for your senior dog. Orders yours today!

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