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From Street Dog to Haute Dog: The Story of Danny from Miracle’s Mission

March 29, 2022

From Street Dog to Haute Dog: The Story of Danny from Miracle’s Mission

Danny is a one year old mixed-breed dog that grew up on the streets of Romania. He was rescued by Miracle’s Mission, a non-profit animal welfare organization that helps sick, injured, and disabled animals all over the world. Miracle’s Mission has been helping Danny everyday to help him get back in motion.

Danny arrived in the care of Miracle’s Mission in early February 2021. At the time, he was only approximately 7 months old. Still a puppy but with lots of energy. “Danny's personality from the start has been one of the biggest we have ever seen! He is extremely outgoing, he wants and has to be involved in absolutely everything” said Victoria Bryceson, founder of Miracle’s Mission. When Danny was rescued, he had a severed spinal cord leaving him with no chance at being able to walk on his hind legs ever again. How he sustained these injuries is still unknown but that never stopped him from being a happy and healthy pup.


Thankfully, when Danny arrived at Miracle's Mission he had good reflex movement in his hind legs, meaning he still had sensation. This prompted Miracle’s Mission to begin physical therapy for Danny, which includes both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to increase the strength and use of his hind legs. To help Danny even more in his rehabilitation and to regain his independence, Miracle’s Mission got him a Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair



Danny has regained the use of his hind legs and is able to stand on his own. The wheelchair helps to provide extra support when he’s walking, running, and playing with his friends. “He absolutely loves going for walks and adventures and seeing new places. He is very much an outdoors active dog which makes his wheels a real essential for him and a really huge factor in allowing him to enjoy his life so much,” Victoria explained. 



While Danny loves to make new friends and is an adventurous pup, he does have his favorite buddy. Victoria told us that “[Danny] instantly made best friends with Lara and they are now inseparable. They have such different physical abilities and personalities but they fit together perfectly. He is funny and cheeky and always up to mischief.” 

Lara, a German Shepherd, came to Miracle’s Mission in desperate need of help. She had deformed hocks, also known as ankles, which left her with little use of her hind legs. Veterinarians recommended that both legs be amputated, leaving Lara in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Thankfully, Miracle’s Mission believed in Lara’s ability to adapt and opted for a surgery to fuse her ankles so she could have use of her hind legs. 

Danny and Lara are now inseparable friends that love to spend their days playing and going to physical therapy together! “Everything is a toy to [Danny] and he just wants to live his life to the fullest and spend every minute of the day having fun. He is always smiling. He loves to play with his toys and will chase them around for hours.”


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