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Fun Free Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer

April 29, 2021

Fun Free Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer - Animal Ortho Care - dog summer

Now that the weather is starting to warm back up, people and their dogs are heading back outside to enjoy their time together. You may be wondering “What fun things can I do with my dog this summer?” with COVID-19 still looming. We’ve got a whole bunch of suggestions for you no matter what you and your dog's lifestyles are. 





The Outdoorsy Type



  • Hiking - This one might seem obvious but there are so many awesome trails for you and your dog to find and explore. If you really want to challenge your dog (or if you don't want to carry everything) get them a doggie backpack so they can carry their own water and bowls, please consider their health conditions and size before having them carry their own stuff. 



  • Long car drives with the windows rolled down - It’s a well known fact that many dogs love to stick their head out the window when riding in the car. Take your dog out in the car and roll your windows down and listen to your favorite music!


  • Visit a local lake/stream/river - This one can be done either on it’s own or as part of another trip or activity. Many dogs LOVE water so taking them to the lake will be super exciting for them. You can even try Paddle Boarding or Boating with them!


    For the Foodies



    • Starbucks - When you go to order your usual drink, ask if they offer Puppuccino's for your passenger side pup and you’ll receive a short cup of whipped cream for your pup to enjoy.



    • Dairy Queen - Ask for a Pup Cup next time you stop for a blizzard and you might get a free small-serving of vanilla soft serve ice cream.*


    • Shake Shack - While these options aren’t free you’ll get a wider variety of options to treat your pup such as a doggie bag Bag O’ Bone (a few dog burger biscuits) or a Pooch-ini treat (2 dog biscuits in a peanut butter sauce with vanilla custard*).




      *Warning: ice cream or custard may cause an upset stomach in some dogs so exercise caution and only give small amounts to your pup.




      The Awesome Party Hosts



      • Pet BBQ - Everyone loves a good summer BBQ party, that includes your dog! Invite your friends and their dogs over for some classic summer fun. Be sure to have plain burgers, sliced hot dogs, and watermelon ready for your human and doggy guests!


      • Host a movie night featuring dog films - Looking for a chill night in? Invite some of your dogs chill buddies over and set up some beds and blankets in front of a movie screen (can be indoors or outdoors) and cuddle with your pup while watching some classic dog movies. 



        • Dock Diving Events - Dock Diving is a water sport for dogs. Essentially, you throw your dog's favorite toy out into the water off a dock and watch your dog leap, or dive, into the water to retrieve their toy. It’s a great way to meet other water loving dogs! 




        Social Butterflies



        • Sign your dog up for story time with dogs at your local library - Many libraries will have reading time for kids where they can read to dogs which helps them learn how to read and lets your dog get some kid love!



        • Start (or continue) a social media page made just for your pup - People love to see what adventures dogs go on and your dog is no exception! Make use of all those pictures you take of your dog and let the world love them as much as you do.


        • Dog charity walk - Many organizations, especially shelters, host charity walks that you can bring your dog to. This is a great way to help your community while also having fun with your dog.





        The Posh Dogs



        • Doggy yoga - Doggy yoga, sometimes referred to as Doga, is a fun activity where you can do yoga with your dog. It’s simple and can be done in a class or virtually at home. 


        • Spa day - This can be as simple or involved as you would like. You can book a spa appointment at your local groomer to totally pamper your pooch or you can do it yourself at home with massages, bubble baths, and healthy treats!



        • Doggy fitness groups - There are some fitness groups and classes, such as the K9 Fit Club or Leash Your Fitness, that you can take that involve both you and your dog. This is a great way to exercise and bond with your dog!

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