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Orthotics vs. Prosthetics

April 08, 2019

Orthotics vs. Prosthetics - Animal Ortho Care

Animal Ortho Care's (AOC) Orthotics and Prosthetics create a longer, happier life with increased exercise and activity levels. Though they are different, orthotics and prosthetics are commonly mistaken for one another.

Orthotics refers to devices such as braces and splints which are used to correct or enhance the use of a body part.  They are commonly used after an injury or post-surgery to help comfort the limb and reduce inflammation and swelling.  Our Custom and Ready to Fit dog braces are examples of orthotic devices that help stabilize your pet’s leg.


Prosthetics, on the other hand, refers to the devices used to replace a missing limb on the body.  Some dogs need prosthetic limbs due to disease, injury, or congenital limb abnormalities. Our Prosthetics help prevent gait deviations and reduce excessive pressure on weight bearing limbs.  AOC’s suspension prosthetics alleviate the pressure on the limb thus preventing pain and agitation on the affected area.     

AOC is dedicated to enhancing the lives of animals through customizable, affordable, high-quality products. Our orthotics and prosthetics have instantaneously improved mobility and activity levels for patients, further transforming the lives of pet's and their parents. 

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