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What is the Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair?

May 22, 2023

What is the Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair?

The Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair is our newest pet mobility device that will get your pet back in motion! We have recognized the need for a supportive, comfortable, and easy-to-use pet wheelchair for those pets who have lost their motion due to age or injury. Some may see a pet in a wheelchair and feel bad for them, but the reality is that this pet has regained their freedom and is happy to be moving around on their own.

The Haute Wheels Wheelchair has a simple, yet durable design that works for a variety of pets, not just cats and dogs. The wheelchair has five basic components: the frame, wheels, harnesses, optional components (foot straps and belly belt), and carrying case.

The Frame:


The frame is made of durable yet lightweight aluminum. We recognize that pets can be rambunctious and destructive, so we chose a material that can keep up with their use. We also recognize that lugging around a heavy wheelchair wouldn’t solve anything for these pets, especially for those small pets who can’t pull a lot of weight. The frame itself is easily adjustable with an allen key, which is provided with the wheelchair. The length and width can be adjusted to your pets exact measurements. The height can be easily hand-adjusted with knobs. You’ll never lose your adjustment place since the frame is conveniently marked to ensure it’ll always be set the same, even when you disassemble it for travel.



The Wheels:


The wheels are of course one of the most important aspects of any wheelchair. We took this into account and used wheels that appropriately fit each wheelchair size, meaning the wheels of the wheelchair will never touch the frame or your dog. The wheels themselves are made with a no-flat design, which incorporates a dense foam interior with a durable rubber exterior. This means that if your pet bites the wheel or runs over a rock, you’ll never have to worry about the wheels going flat. 

The Harnesses:


There are two fully padded harnesses that come with the wheelchair, a front harness and a rear harness. The front harness goes around your pets front legs and clips into the long bars of the frame. This secures your pet to the wheelchair while also providing support to the entire frame. The front harness has a leash clip to secure your pet to you. The rear harness goes around your pets rear legs and clips into the wheel upright bars on the top of the frame. This provides another place to secure your pet to the wheelchair while also providing much needed rear support. The rear harness can also act as a lifting harness when your pet is not using their wheelchair, clipping the padded lifting leash to the leash clip on the rear harness offers you a way to help your pet get around without their wheelchair. 



The Optional Components:


The Foot Straps - The optional foot straps are attached to the wheelchair frame and provide a place to put your pets hind feet so they aren’t dragging on the ground. The foot straps are highly recommended for pets who are paralyzed or have extremely weak hind legs. These foot straps keep your pets feet from getting scratched and cut on the ground while they are walking around. 

The Belly Belt - The optional belly belt is included as another area of support for your pet. Pets with long backs or large bellies benefit from the added support in the middle of their bodies. This helps maintain a straight spine, which helps to reduce pain and can slow the progression of some degenerative spinal diseases

The Carrying Case:


The carrying case takes you into mind. We recognize that pet parents love to bring their pets places just as much as pets love to be taken places. With the carrying case, you can easily keep all the components of your pets wheelchair in the same place, ensuring you don’t misplace a piece while traveling. The entire wheelchair has been designed to quickly and easily come apart and lay flat inside the carrying case, saving you space in the car for your pet. 



The Haute Wheels Wheelchair was designed to help pets who have lost the use of one or both of their hind (back) legs. The loss of use of even one hind leg can be detrimental to the overall physical and mental health of your pet. The restricted motion in the hind legs can be mentally frustrating for pets who used to be able to get around easily on their own. They must compensate for the loss of motion by using their front leg muscles even more, which can lead to painful joints. Their spine becomes misaligned from the lack of support under their hips and the overworked front legs, which causes an aching and sore back. These are all things that the Haute Wheels Wheelchair addresses. 

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