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EMbrace Relief System | Hip, Back, & Shoulder Therapy



Measure the circumference of the chest from behind the shoulders.



The EMbrace Relief System works by gently pulsing an electromagnetic field into your pup's soft tissue.

The EMbrace Relief System's signature EM technology is more commonly known as Electromagnetic (EM) Field or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. EM works at the cellular level to help reduce pain and swelling while increasing blood flow.

The EMbrace Relief System is a noninvasive solution for pain management, allowing activity to continue while receiving healing therapy whether it is for acute injury, post-operative recovery or chronic (arthritic) pain.

Our device is easy to use and rechargeable. Simply press the power button to start your pup's 2-hour therapy session. The depth of treatment is 4-6 inches in all directions from the center of the EMpower device.


  • One EMbrace Garment
    • Soft and comfortable garment designed to properly position the EMpower device(s), directing EM to the targeted hip, spine or shoulder
    • Please note this garment is NOT an orthotic brace, but simply a soft wrap which functions as a delivery system
  • EMpower Device
    • Portable device, containing the power source for the EM treatment, attaching to any location on the EMbrace Garment
  • Battery Charger
    • Mini-USB compatible AC charger used to recharge the EMpower device


  • Dog hip pain, back pain, shoulder pain and joint pain
  • Pain treatment for dogs with Hip Dysplasia
  • Pain treatment for dogs after surgery
  • Pain relief when surgery is not an option
  • Pain treatment for dogs with Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Pain relief from Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) symptoms
  • Aches and pains resulting from overexertion, strains, and sprains
  • Swelling or edema due to injury


  • Reduces pain while allowing your dog to remain active
  • NO side effects and reduces dependency on NSAIDs
  • EM/PEMF has been clinically proven to:
    • Increase anti-inflammatory response
    • Increase circulation
    • Reduce swelling
    • Relieve pain, including pain following surgery
  • EM/PEMF technology, as evidenced by the research, is effective in providing temporary relief from the symptoms that accompany dysplasia, occurring in the hip, spine or shoulder regions
  • Safe and comfortable pain treatment option for senior dogs
  • Senior dogs Quality of Life (QOL) is improved
  • Significant savings due to reduced need for costly medications
  • Whether in the home or therapy setting, this wearable system allows your dog the freedom to be more active, contributing to a better recovery and a better quality of life


  • The EMpower device velcros onto any area of the EMbrace Garment.

  • Easy on/off switch, 2 hour therapy that automatically powers off.
  • Rechargeable EMpower device is powered by a durable lithium battery.
  • The EMbrace Relief System provides a comfortable fit, whether the application is hip, shoulder or back regions.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Our innovatively designed induction coil generates a pulsed electromagnetic (EM) field which induces a flow of energy that improves the intracellular function of cells/tissues.
  • Human Tested. Dog Approved. Clinically proven in the human space, EM/PEMF therapy works at the cellular level, accelerating the binding of Calcium (Ca2+) and Calmodium (CaM) in the body. This new compound is then coupled with an enzyme called endothelial nitric oxide synthase which then triggers the production of Nitric Oxide (NO).
  • Nitric Oxide is an important cellular signaling molecule involved in many physiological and pathological processes. It reduces, COX-2, an enzyme that promotes inflammation and pain.
  • Blood and Lymph Flow are increased, leading to faster healing along with reduced pain and inflammation.
  • Subsensory technology - Unlike TENS, our EM technology does not emit any vibration, tingling sensations, or noise.

Sizing Chart
17" - 22"
21" - 29"
26" - 42"

Note: If your measurement overlaps sizes, we recommend you choose the larger size.

Use & Care

Use and Care:

  • Use an isopropyl-DAMP cloth to wipe the EMpower device(s).
  • To clean the EMbrace garment, hand-wash with warm soapy water. Do NOT leave the EMpower device attached when washing.
  • After washing the EMbrace garment, lay flat to air dry. Allow to dry thoroughly before reuse.
  • If signs of wear and tear appear on the EMpower device, discontinue use and contact us at





The EMbrace Relief System works at the cellular level by gently pulsing an electromagnetic field into your pup's soft tissue.

The energy generated from the EM improves intracellular function which also increases the production of nitric oxide - a healing molecule common in all living things.

Nitric Oxide helps to increase blood flow to where your pup is hurting, further reducing pain and edema at the treatment area.

how often do i need to recharge the EMpower device?

A fully charged EMpower device can deliver 2-3 two hour therapy sessions. We recommend that you charge your EMpower device after every other use to ensure that your dog get a full 2 hour session during each use. 


Our technology should not be mistaken with a TENS unit. Unlike TENS, our EM technology is subsensory, meaning you nor your pup will not feel a thing. Dogs are far more sensitive than humans, so we've designed our EM technology to not emit any vibration, tingling sensations, or noise.

The only thing your pup will feel is relief! 


We recommend to consult with your veterinarian to determine the best treatment plan for your pup. For optimal results, we recommend completing one two-hour treatment everyday for two weeks. Once this period is over, please use this device as needed for pain relief.


Some pups will see results right away, others may take longer than 2 weeks. You should see improvements in mood, increased levels of activity, changes in behavior and perhaps even tail wagging.


NASA has been using EM technology to aid astronauts in supporting bone health and prevent degeneration, following time spent in space.

Our EM technology is a lighter frequency optimized for pain management and increased circulation in soft tissue. This technology has been proven in the human medical space with clinical trials focused on osteoarthritis, post-surgical and post-injury recovery. These trials have shown improvements in scar tissue healing, mobility, pain levels, and edema.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Jackie Snyder
Great product

My 13 yr old pittie has had a herniated disc for around 9 yrs. The EMbrace has given him much better mobility and stance. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Hey Jackie,
We are excited to hear that your dog is showing improvements with the use of the empower device. This truly is a great therapy!


Unexpected relief!

I’m actually surprised how little time (within two weeks) it took for my German Shepherd to start walking without great effort. This little “spaceship” is heaven sent, and even the veterinarian was impressed! Thank you!

Hey CR,
We are very happy to hear the embrace device is helping your dog and that he is improving so quickly! Please continue to use the device as needed. If your vet has any questions regarding the product, please have them reach out to customer care.


Nadine Angele
Did they consider the Velcro?

Great product except the Velcro. First it came off the product. I glued it back then the dogs hair clogged the Velcro so much it won’t stick. And the Velcro is nearly impossible to remove from the device because I super glued it.

Hey Nadine,
Thank you for the feedback. We take all feedback into consideration with our products. We use Velcro because it is lightweight, versitable and is a reputable fastner. We believe it is a better alternative than buckles, or buttons. The trick to make worn out Velcro stick again is to use a toothbrush to clean out the dirt that’s accumulated between those tiny loops that make Velcro stick together.

Erin Schoeberl
This device is amazing!

This device has helped my 15 year old lab immensely! He suffers from osteoarthritis and a spinal condition called discospondylitis. After 1 treatment, the inflammation in his cervical spine was GONE. We use this daily now and I can definitely say it has helped him stay comfortable. We also use this when he seems anxious at calms him down and puts him right to sleep!

Hey Erin,
Thank you so much for letting us know how the device is working for your dog. It is always great to hear that our products are improving the quality of life for your pets. I hope he finds continued comfort and peace in his retirement years!

Best, Animal Ortho Care

Melody Clark
EMbrace Relief System

I'm going to recant on the review sent earlier. I did jump to conclusions about the product. For me when I don't hear or feel like something is not working is my way of thinking. The customer service is excellent on getting the situation resolved. When she took the time to explain to me why I don't hear and feel the device that's because your not suppose too. I did sit with my German shepherd for 4 days to make sure she received the full treatment. It was amazing to see her more active and not losing control of her legs. Yes she was more active but I only allow her 15 mins at a time outside because she tries to run with the younger one. BUT>>> just not satisficed with the strapping. I have tried every which way to keep it on my dog. I literally have to stay with her the whole time or else it falls down her leg. So its a inconvenience to me to sit there. If I was retired no problem. Wish they could figure out another way to keep the device on the dog. Maybe some type of body jacket or elastic straps so when the dog gets up and down and moving around it goes back in place with the device.

Hi Melody,
Thank you for the feedback as always. I see a customer representative has reached out regarding the fit of the relief system. Please keep us updated and if you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to them!

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