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EMbrace Lift Support

EMbrace Lift Support - Order Process


Measure your dog's body using the measurement guide below.


Compare your measurements with the sizing chart, and purchase your EMbrace Lift Support. 


We ship your dog brace based on the size selected. You fit it to your dog's leg, and they are on the way to recovery!

How to Measure


Body Length

Measure the length of the body from armpit to the start of the thigh.


Chest Circumference

Measure the circumference of the chest just behind the front legs.


Our EMbrace Lift is an assistive device for dogs suffering from limited mobility and motor difficulties following injuries, disease or paralysis, in the spinal region in order to get from point A to point B with your assistance. This breathable compression wrap, made with material similar to neoprene, provides stability and support to your dog's spinal column without compromising flexibility.  It is used to help dogs with spinal column issues. The two (removable) rigid stays, contained in the two side pockets, stabilize the lift during use to support the spinal column in cases of neurological disease in this region. 


  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  • Ligament sprains
  • Post-Surgical and/or post injury recovery
  • Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • As support to move a pet with a spine or limb fracture
  • In conjunction with the Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair to support your pet when they are in a Physical Therapy session or not using their wheelchair.

When an EMbrace lift support is not recommended:

  • The EMbrace Lift Support is not a back brace. It is intended as an assistive mobility device to get your pet to and from short distances. If you pet is in need of a back brace, please consider our L'il Back Bracer.
  • The EMbrace Lift Support is not recommended for long periods of time, such as for walks or playtime. If your dog requires assistance for long periods of time, please consider our Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair.


  • Soft neoprene material
  • Durable hook and loop strap system allows easy adjustments for fit and comfort
  • Removable metal stays to restrict motion as needed
  • Made in the USA
  • 6-month warranty for manufacturing defects
Sizing Chart
7" - 9"
9" - 12"
12" - 16"
14" - 17"
17" - 24"
24" - 30"

Note: ALL measurements MUST fall within the same measurement category (ex: all 'Small' measurements) to ensure the brace will fit your dog. If your dog's measurements fall within 2 or more categories (ex: one 'Small' measurement and one 'Medium' measurement), we do NOT recommend this assistive device for your dog.

Use & Care


Remove all metal stays before washing. Hand wash only with warm soapy water. Lay flat to dry. 


  • Your dog may wear their brace whenever they are being assisted for transport, such as in and out of a car. However, EMbrace Lift Supports are not intended to be used in the water and should only be wet for regular cleaning.
  • Remove your dog's brace when they are not being assisted. This lift is not intended to be used as a back brace. If your dog is in need of a back brace, consider our L'il Back Bracer. If your dog is in need of a longer term assistive device, consider our Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair.


The EMbrace Lift Support is an assistive device only. Your pet may use this when they require getting from point A to point B with your help. This means that your pet should only be wearing the lift for short periods of time, such as getting in and out of cars or for going up and down steps. You can help your pet adjust to the lift by positively reinforcing and rewarding your dog for wearing the lift. Please keep in mind that the break-in period and time of each increment will depend on your pet's diagnosis and overall acceptance of the device.

If there is any irritation or skin breakdown, discontinue use of the device for a minimum of one full day or until the area has healed. If irritation still continues after the area has healed, discontinue use and contact us at


It is crucial that you thoroughly inspect your pet's skin after each use of the EMbrace Lift Support. This is especially important during the initial break-in period. While it is not uncommon to see minor problems for the first few weeks of device usage, make note of any blisters or other unusual marks on the skin. Skin redness that does not disappear within an hour after the device is removed and other signs of skin breakdown are indications of excessive pressure from the brace. 


Both the EMbrace Lift Support and areas of skin that come into contact with it must be kept clean. This reduces the chance of your dog contracting contact dermatitis or other skin conditions. Clean the device  with warm soapy water as needed. After cleaning, dry with a towel or let the brace dry at room temperature. Never put a wet brace onto your pet, as it will affect the fit.

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