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Custom Dog Knee & Hock Brace | CCL/ACL Stifle Rear Leg Dog Brace

Custom Dog Leg Braces - Order Process



Measure your dog's thigh length. 


Purchase your Custom Dog Knee Brace. 



We send you a Casting Kit for you to make a mold of your dog's leg.


You ship us the mold. We use it to build a custom knee brace for your dog.



We ship you the finished custom brace. You fit it to your dog and they are on the way to recovery!

How to Measure


Thigh Measurement

Measure along the front of the leg from the knee center to fold of the leg at the hip.  

How to Cast



fabrication time takes 5-7 business days after receiving your cast


Hinged braces allow for some or full range of motion at the joint. Most hinged braces are made with a tamarack hinge. Some diagnoses will require an alternative hinge. In rare cases if an alternative hinge is needed, there will be an additional charge for the hinge.


Our shell is made with a durable polypropylene. It is very important that you cast your dog's leg properly. The imprint from the cast is the blueprint that we use to make the shell. If casted properly the shell should fit your dog's leg like a glove. A not so good cast will result in a not so good fitting brace.


Most braces are made WITHOUT a paw segment unless the paw is affected. This is advantageous as most dogs like to feel their paw hit the ground. A paw segment will help with knuckling, when the superficial digital flexor tendon frequently overrides the injured Achilles tendon. A paw is not recommended if there is no knuckling, a bilateral diagnosis or if the dog is very active. If unsure if a paw is needed, please contact your veterinarian or contact us.

A dog knee brace is commonly referred to as a CCL Brace or stifle brace.


  • Custom dog knee braces can be used post operatively following a ligament repair or when your pet is not a surgical candidate.
  • Post-operative management of the leg
  • Contralateral (opposite) limb management post-operatively
    • 50% of the time the opposite leg CCL tears within a year. Dog CCL braces are used to prolong this amount of time OR prevent it from happening altogether.
  • Partial tears - average amount of time needed to wear the device (depending on tear) is 6 months to fully stabilize
  • Patellar Luxation –Secondary to use for CCL injuries, BUT are an important application
    • Cannot directly control the patella, since it is such a small bone
      • An effective method to reduce Patellar Luxation (sideways movement) is to limit ROM where the Luxation occurs
      • Luxation usually occurs in deep flexion or full extension
      • Stifle braces reduce the sideways movement, helping the patella to stay in place
  • Contracture Management - using Ultraflex joints, management of flexion OR extension contractures
  • Distal femoral or proximal tibia/fibula fractures, as an alternative to splinting
  • Contracture Option:
    • Used for Contracture Management using an Ultraflex joint or other means to stretch the ligaments to get to a more functional position


  • Option for non-surgical candidates due to age, cost, other contraindications
  • Stabilizes the joint
  • Provides support to the affected area
  • Decreases healing time and decreases cost
  • Return to improved activity level and near normal joint function
  • Allows for easier wound inspection
  • Releases pressure on Contra-lateral Limb

hinge alternative

  • If the range of motion needs to be limited based on your dogs condition, then a Range of Motion (ROM) hinge would be recommended. The cost of a Range of Motion (ROM) hinge is an additional $200.


  • Hand-sculpted using thermal & vacuum formed technology
  • Fitted to your pets very own limb
  • Cushioning non-porous medical grade foam to ease pressure on affected area
  • Adjustable durable hook and loop strap system to tighten and loosen for comfort
  • Made is the USA
  • Removable
  • Six Month Warranty


  • Waterproof
  • Range of Motion Hinges
  • Allows full range of motion, limited range of motion, or a locked position.
  • Flex Motion
  • Allow Motion that mimics normal ligament mobility
  • Durable Non-Slip Tread (if applicable)
Customer Stories


Follow the Husky Squad, as JC and Victoria use an alternative, non-invasive holistic approach to treat Tidus, after he sustains an ACL injury.

Product Comparison




  • moderate-severe
  • all areas
  • lifetime
  • high
  • high
  • made to order
  • color options
  • $$$


Ready to Fit Brace
  • MD | LG
  • mild-moderate
  • -
  • -
  • rear legs
  • 6 - 18 months
  • medium - high
  • medium - high
  • in stock
  • black
  • $$


  • SM | MD | LG
  • mild
  • -
  • (toe-up)
  • hock, carpal, toe-up
  • Up to 6 months
  • low-med
  • low-med
  • in stock
  • black
  • $
Use & Care


Wipe down surfaces with alcohol.


  • Outer Shell: polypropylene, polyethylene, co-polymer
  • Inner Liner: closed-cell polyethylene foam




How does this Custom Dog Knee Brace help my dog?

AOC's Custom Dog Knee brace  assists with healing from injury and also post surgery. Additionally, our custom braces help with chronic conditions like arthritis. As a pair, these braces helps with giving added support to your dog's weight bearing leg following the injury of one leg.

What is the difference between the Custom Dog Knee Brace and  Performance Dog Knee Brace?

Our Custom braces are built specifically for your dog. Measurements aren’t needed for this type of brace. Instead you or your vet would take a cast of the area. The cast is then used to build a custom brace. Little or no adjustments are needed to fit our custom brace.

The Performance brace is a standard size off-the-shelf brace that offers a customizable solution to injury stabilization following injuries and surgery to the knee (stifle) and specifically the Cranial Cruciate Ligament. It has a 6-18 month treatment time. Sizing is based from measurements of your dog, which are listed on the product page. You may need to make adjustments to the brace in order to fit it properly.  

What is included with the purchase of a Custom Dog Knee Brace?

Our Custom Dog Knee braces come with a FREE casting kit.  Whichever shipping option you choose at checkout, will determine how the casting kit and final brace will be sent to you. We offer free ground shipping, 2-day business day, and overnight business day available for an additional charge. It is the your responsibility to mail back the cast.

What happens if the fit is not correct?

Not to worry, we will work with you through adjustments until the fit is correct.

What if my dog's knee brace needs refurbishment?

You can order straps and pads off our website. If you need the Liner replaced, you will need to send it to us for repair at the cost of $125.00.

Is this brace waterproof?

All of our custom dog braces are made with a non-porous padded liner and a polypropylene plastic. Both materials can be wiped down to dry and/or cleaned. Straps and strap pads will need to be air dried.

How often can my dog wear this brace?

In most cases after the Break in Period of two weeks you can leave the brace on as long as needed but make sure to take off at least twice a day for skin examination. Please remove the brace before your dog goes to bed at night.

Can they go up and down stairs?

After a few days of use and they seem to be adjusting to the brace, you can introduce them to stairs.

How long is the fabrication process?

Once we receive the cast it takes 12-14 business days to fabricate. We offer Free ground shipping, but Expedited Shipping can be included for an extra charge. If you choose expedited shipping at checkout, we will ship both the Casting Kit and your dog's Custom Brace based on that option.

Is the casting process difficult?

We provide casting videos on our website under the Pawcademy section. Instructions will also be included in the casting kit. If needed, we can also walk you or your Veterinarian through the casting process.

Is the fitting process difficult?

Our Custom Dog Braces are designed for easy on and off application with Velcro straps. If you have any fitting concerns please send pictures with the custom brace on your dog to

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great product bad timing!!

It fits great, my problem has been trying to get her comfortable with it. When she wears it, she drags her leg. I have now returned to work and am worried about leaving it on her. I think she would chew it off when I’m not around. I feel the product is great, but I would tell people to consider their situation before committing to this. The product’s are expensive if you can’t always be there with your dog.

Hi Marnie,
Glad you like the product. Do note it is common for a dog not to love a brace, especially right upfront. Even little moments of improvement and tolerance with the brace is something to celebrate. We do encourage to give your dog a little bit of time to adjust. If you have further questions down the line please do not hesitate to reach out.

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