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Custom Dog Wrist Brace | Carpal Dog Front Leg Brace

Custom Brace Order Process


Purchase your Custom Brace. 



We send you a Casting Kit for you to make a mold of your pet's limb.


You ship us the mold. We use it to build a custom brace for your pet.



We ship you the finished custom brace. You fit it to your pet. Your pet is on its way to recovery!



fabrication time takes 5-7 business days after receiving your cast


Hinged braces allow for some or full range of motion at the joint. Most hinged braces are made with a tamarack/tether hinge. Some diagnoses will require an alternative hinge. In rare cases if an alternative hinge is needed, there will be an additional charge for the hinge.


Our shell is made with a durable polypropylene. It is very important that you cast your dog's leg properly. The imprint from the cast is the blueprint that we use to make the shell. If casted properly the shell should fit your dog's leg like a glove. A not so good cast will result in a not so good fitting brace.


Most braces are made WITHOUT a paw segment unless the paw is affected. This is advantageous as most dogs like to feel their paw hit the ground. A paw segment will help with knuckling, when the superficial digital flexor tendon frequently overrides the injured Achilles tendon. A paw is not recommended if there is no knuckling, a bilateral diagnosis or if the dog is very active. If unsure if a paw is needed, please contact your veterinarian or contact us.

A dog wrist brace is commonly referred to as a carpal brace or front leg brace.


  • AOC's Custom Dog Carpal braces help in the recovery of injury recuperation and injury prevention 
  • The most common diagnosis when using this brace is Carpal Hyperextension
  • Also used for Angular Deformities of the front leg
    • Carpal Varus – Joint bowed outward
    • Carpal Valgus – Joint bowed inward
  • Also provides support with Radial Nerve Paralysis or Brachial Plexus Avulsions (Tears) Diagnoses
  • Braces also used for Carpal Contracture Management using an Ultraflex joint or other means to stretch the Carpal Flexor Ligaments to get to a more functional position
  • Depending on Diagnosis, braces are made with or without the paw segment, determined case by case
  • Contracture Option:
    • Used for Carpal Contracture Management using an Ultraflex joint or other means to stretch the Carpal Flexor Ligaments to get to a more functional position


  • Stabilizes the joint
  • Provides support to the affected area
  • Decreases healing time and decreases cost
  • Return to improved activity level and near normal joint function
  • Allows for easier wound inspection
  • Releases pressure on Contra-lateral Limb

hinge alternative

  • If the range of motion needs to be limited based on your dogs condition, then a Range of Motion (ROM) hinge would be recommended. The cost of a Range of Motion (ROM) hinge is an additional $100.


  • Hand-sculpted using thermal & vacuum formed technology
  • Fitted to your pet's very own limb
  • Cushioning non-porous medical grade foam to ease pressure on affected area
  • Adjustable durable hook and loop strap system to tighten and loosen for comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • Removable
  • Six Month Warranty


  • Waterproof
  • Range of Motion Hinges
    • Allows full range of motion, limited range of motion, or a locked position.
  • Flex Motion
    • Allows for motion that mimics normal ligament mobility
  • Durable Non-Slip Tread (if applicable)


Use & Care


  • Wipe down surfaces with alcohol.


  • Outer Shell: polypropylene, polyethylene, co-polymer
  • Inner Liner: closed-cell polyethylene foam


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Clara Bell

Too soon to tell. She has only had the brace just over a week to wear it since it has been back.When we first got it the paw section was attached an she would not use it. So far the barce has lost one screw in the time she has had it. That has limited her use of it. So we'll it may have been 60 days since order many days have been spent in transit I guess. She has only had like two week maybe 3 weeks actual wear time total. And the first first week or so she refused to use it with the paw section. Now with it removed it seems to be much better outdoors on soft surfaces. She still doesn't like it when it hits a surface where the plastic is going to touch and make noise. Not sure if it is the noise or pain. This happens on pavement, concrete, and hardwood surfaces.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the message. Glad to hear your dog is doing better with the paw section removed. If you have concerns about the fit of brace please do not hesitate to reach out to customer care. As the dog starts healing, your dog's gait should hopefully improve as well.

Animal Ortho Care

Awesome support

My doberman has a front right ankle that turns in. The brace has given her great support. No more stumbling on our walks.

Great Support Bad Timing

The support was what I ordered and built of quality materials. It would have been perfect. Unfortunately, due to a delay at the manufacturer which was beyond their control, the brace came one week too late in order to fit properly. I decided not to send it back for adjustment, which I could have done. However, due to the type of illness my dog suffered from it would have been too late yet again. Ortho Care did the best job they could have possibly done and I would definitely order again from them. Thank you Ortho Care!!


Love it!

Changed my dog's life, and ours

Long story short, I screwed up as a new dog parent and my dog fell out of my Jeep. He recovered from everything except brachial plexus avulsion which made his right front paw numb and unusable. Since he could use the upper part of his leg and shoulder we decided to try a brace. Made such a huge difference to his mobility and independence. He's much happier now. It was a game changer for sure.

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