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KnitRite Sock



  • For use under Custom Braces including: Custom Carpal, Hock, Knee & Hock, and Elbow & Carpal braces.
    • NOT for use under Custom Knee, Elbow, Hip, or Cervical braces. The KnitRite sock will not stay up while your pet moves and may cause irritation.
  •  For use under Partial Limb Prosthetics.
    • NOT for use under Full Limb Prosthetics. The KnitRite sock goes over the residual/remaining limb, not over your pet's body.
  • One Size fits most
    • These socks DO NOT fit very small dogs
  • 3-ply interface
  • Fibers wick moisture away from skin and inhibit odor in the sock.


  • Soft-Sock feels soft and cuddly worn next to the skin
  • Soft-Socks have just enough Lycra to provide stretch and excellent fitting qualities
  • Provides extra padding for your pet's leg.
  • Wicks moisture away from your pet's leg to keep them dry and help prevent contact dermatitis and skin infections.
  • May help improve the fit of the brace slightly. Please note that if you are experiencing fit issues, contact us at care@aocpet.com to ensure that the brace fits properly.
Use & Care


  • Machine wash with fleece side IN
  • No Bleach
  • No Softener
  • Tumble Dry Cool Temperature


  • For use under Custom Braces and Partial Limb Prosthetics. 
  • Pull the KnitRite sock over your pet's limb, apply their brace or prosthetic as normal, fold the top edge of the sock over the top of the brace.
  • Always check your pet's skin after using the brace. The KnitRite sock does not prevent irritation due to fit issues.  Skin redness that does not disappear within an hour after the brace is removed and other signs of skin breakdown are indications of excessive pressure from the brace. The brace can easily be modified to relieve these areas of irritation.


  • CoolMax/Lycra


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
A bit big, but it's a must have

There isn't many options for prosthetic socks for dogs, and this comes in one size.
I've already tried a bunch of prosthetic socks for humans (child size and arm size) on Maggie and they are just too wide for her stump.
So even tho this one is a bit long and big, it still works great. It's just the correct thickness (I've tried 5ply and lightweight) and 3ply is definently the best one. It dries really fast when it gets wet, soaks up humidity so it prevents chafing. And makes prosthetics more comfortable to wear. So much so that I got my dog Maggie 5 more of these after I tested out the first one I bought. Need to always have a clean and dry one available. :)
I also use them under a fleecie dog bootie to protect her stump when not wearing a prosthetic.

LeeAnn Menut

KnitRite Sock

andria lai
Great sock

I wish you made shorter ones also
But they are great

Brittney Akre
Too long

I got this sock to prevent rubbing from the liner for my dogs prosthetic. It was too long for her nub (she has 3/4 of her leg) and too thick to go on with the prosthetic liner.

Hi Britany,
Sorry to hear that the KnitRite sock did not fit your dog. The socks will fit most dogs except small dogs. More details about the socks can be found on the order page under the details box. Were you able to find a replacement sock for your dog while wearing it's prosthetic? An option can be using a child's sock. If you have any questions please reach out to our customer service representatives at care@aocpet.com.

Ellen Gajda
Tube Socks for Dogs

Great sock—fits perfectly on my lab under his leg brace

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